Thursday, September 22, 2011

Approaching women anywhere!

Approaching women can be a hard thing to do for most of the guys and that's why many don't have a girlfriend. Just by waiting for her to come to you, you won't get too far and to be honest, you'll remain at the same level, you are now.
Nothing will change, you will hate women and blame them for your own fault and you will be like all the other guys, who are not satisfied with their own life.

Do you want to be such a guy? Or do you wanna become an alpha man, who can have any woman he wishes?

I have an exercise for you. Imagine how a woman's life unfolds. Put yourself in her place.
The most guys will look at you like some desperate monkeys, who haven't seen a girl in their life. There will be also men who will get the nerve to approach you, but they will act like a fan or treat you like a goddess, saying all the time how beautiful and gorgeous you are.

You will be bored to hear their compliments all day long and to be treated like this, won't you? I'm sure!

How do you think you could react to this boys?


If you are a nice person, you would reject them, avoiding to make them feel bad, but if you are a bad girl, then you would raise a shield, without even caring about their feelings.

BUT if a guy comes to you and doesn't behave like a needy person and is saying something interesting, you would want to hang out with him.

I think, that most of the times, women should not be condemned, that they don't want to waste their time any more, because they are so tired of hearing the same things, to be treated like princesses or to see that insecure behavior all of the time .

What's the solution to this?

You have to stand out from this guys. You have to show, that you're different and that you don't see her as a goddess, who can do whatever she wants with you. You learn this by trying and trying and failing.

Think a little bit about the guys, who have hundred of girls around them. Do you think, that they are better than you?
DO you think, that they have injected a miracle solution in them?

MAYBE YES. But that miracle solution is that they changed their believes and they have a different attitude. They tried out many things and kept only what worked for them. They spoke with hundreds of women and they feel more valuable, than the women they talking with. They feel so powerful, that nothing could stop them from having success. And believe me, women sense this and are very attracted to this kind of mentality and behavior.

So what you have to do, is approach many women and make a feedback about your interaction with them. If you see, that something worked well, keep doing it, don't forget about it and if you feel, that something didn't work, after you tried it more times, then avoid it. It's a very effective method, in order to progress and reach your goals.
And to improve this method, you have to find a wingman, to accompany you and to correct each other's mistakes.
If you find a wingman or you spend the time with alpha men, who know how to attract women, you will learn faster, than by yourself.

Enough with this. Do we want some examples of openers now or not?

A good example of an opener, that I learned from David DeAngelo, is the following:
You approach the woman very relaxed and with a smile on your face and say:
    Me: "HEY, can I ask you a quick question?"
    Her: "Sure!"
    Me: "Are you single?"
    Her: "Ummmm..."
    Me: "I take that as a yes...(smiling)"
    Her: laughing
    Me: "I just happen to know someone, that I think might really like you... , if you are more than a
    nice face. He's a funny, interesting guy and I think, that you would like him too. I would love to hear your life story, but I have to meet with someone. Do you have email?"(being very relaxed)

Do you convey neediness? NO WAY!

Could this opener be interesting for her? There are good chances, because she isn't sure, if it's you and this uncertainty, intrigue is very challenging. You made her curious, especially that you have to leave and didn't try to convince her.
It can seem really interesting for her!
By asking her for her email, it doesn't seem like a big involvement for her and she will give it to her, especially if you're confident and don't seem like you seek for her approval.
After she writes the email, you can tell her to write also her number.

VOILA! You have her number, you're the man!

I want you, to read that again and try to visualize this happening. Repeat that sequence, until you feel comfortable doing it.

You can test everything, that goes trough your head and even if it doesn't go well, you can laugh about that idea and try something else.

Now let's go to approach some nice girls, because we talked enough for today!

Girls get ready, because we will come to have some fun!!!!