Thursday, September 29, 2011

How to win her back!

It's clearly, that couples break up a lot, most often , because the members of a relationship gather many little arguments and negative stuff, that are not significantly when they happen, but in time these can end your relationship. The best way to keep it going is to try to avoid those little mistakes, that continue to ruin your relationship. These mistakes are for instance falling women's tests (to learn how to avoid them, look at the article Make me a favor: Pass women's tests!), not playing the right gender-role (find the article Remember: Every part of the relationship has to play its role!) and entering in a relationship with the wrong woman.
It's essential to find the right woman from the very beginning, because otherwise you'll have to suffer a lot, so FIND THE RIGHT WOMAN FOR YOU!

I used this method many times and it really worked for me. I had a few hard breakups, but fortunately I knew how to handle them, so that she came back to me. YOUR WOMAN CAN TURN BACK TO YOU TOO, but if you follow this easy step:

YOU HAVE TO STOP CONTACTING HER! This is the secret!!! Don't call her any more, don't visit her any more, don't beg her to forgive you, because you will lose all your power and she will definitely lose her attraction and interest for you. By acting like a nice guy, you fall all her tests and BELIEVE ME: HER PITY FOR YOU DOESN'T SOLVE THIS PROBLEM, BECAUSE PITY doesn't lead to attraction.
You will become her friend in the best case and this is the last thing you want to happen to you.

SO STOP CONTACTING HER and there are very good chances to be with her again.

Because this means uncertainty for her, she is confused and doesn't know any more, whether you like her or not. This brings to anticipation, she will try to realize in her mind why you don't contact her any more and she will begin to think at you more and more.

Do you know what that means?
She is ATTRACTED to you again! YOU'RE ON!!!

So the best way is to lean back and forget about your negative thoughts, because they will bring only negative things in your life.
Maybe you will act like a nice guy in the moment and forget about this article, but then you have
to say goodbye to her, because there are small chances to have her again.
Don't panic, if you don't get a sign from her, you have to be patient, wait and be positive, because this process needs a few weeks.

Your attitude should be, that you're a valuable man and she has to understand that, if she really wants you, she has to show it, otherwise you will have to find another girlfriend, who shows you, that you are important and who cares about you.
She has to invest too, not just wait to get everything she needs, because that's not a relationship. You are not her puppy, you are her boyfriend, her lover and she has to fight too for you two.

By negative thoughts of burning jealousy, fear of loss, fear of being alone you show, that you're weak and small. It is understandable, but you have to be a winner, take responsibility and be confident, that the situation will have a positive outcome and it will, if you really believe it.

The secret lies in your head, that spreads signals in the world and according to that, you will have positive or negative experiences in your life.
Free yourself of all your negative emotions such as sadness, anger, disappointment, fear of loneliness, fear that the woman of your dreams will fall in love again.

When you wake up tomorrow, you will be a new man, because you will have to do the following:
Lean back. Imagine how you would like your life to go on and try to do that every day for at least a few minutes. Make this thoughts goals and then struggle to meet them. This way you'll forget, that you want to contact her, because you'll have your mind occupied. Think, that at the moment you are alone and you are very happy this way. You are forgiving your ex for the breakup and you have to feel, that you can be very strong, even if you're single. If you are scared at first, it's understandable, don't try to deny it or run away from it, accept that fear.

I'm sure, that a wonderful woman will appear in your life, who will care about you and love you. Maybe your ex was not the right person, to have a relationship with, but there are a million of women, who are interested in you.

ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS TO TAKE YOUR LIFE IN YOUR HANDS and show everybody what you are capable of. You are very important and you will take actions. You want a better life and you will succeed. JUST TRUST IN YOU!!!

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