Friday, September 9, 2011

It's time to forget about our limiting beliefs!

Man, two years ago, I had the mentality, that nothing would work, whatever I would do.
I was ignored by girls all my life, until I said: "It's over. I have to change my life. I deserve to be loved by women". Believe me, I am in the process of learning even now, but my life changed a lot. The girls treated me before, like I never existed and it's really painful to see something like this.

Many men think, that "All the girls want are their bad boys". And it's right, because they have some qualities, that attract them, even though they are using violence with them.
The women are able to forget their faults, because of some attitudes and qualities, that they incorporate.

These are the following:
They are challenging, they create intrigue, they tease them and give them a hard time.
One way to become challenging, is to learn the attitudes, I talked about in my previous article.
My advice for you, if you want to be successful, is to avoid the nice-guy behavior, because
that way you can't attract her.
Think a little bit about "bad boys", how they act in the presence of the girls.
They don't care about what the girls think about them. They make fun of them, they flirt all the time and they tease them.

Try to act the same way man, but avoid the violence and bad comportment or try the attitudes, that I talked about.
Just differentiate yourself from all the other nice guys, who are trying to please them.
Show some personality.

Many men say : "Why should I improve, I tried to be a decent human being and I get treated bad, while the lowest men of society s$duce women, marry them and then they get drunk, abuse them and their children and STILL get away with it."
They are right about the this kind of men, that these have many girls, although they behave badly. Like I said don't be nice to them anymore, go out and just try these methods, that I'm talking about. You have to choose, what fits for you, and practice a lot.
Put aside the pessimism. If you didn't succeed until now, let's give it another try, until it works. You will become very happy, if you listen to me. Change yourself, if it didn't work, try to be the opposite or to be different.

These skill can be learned, it's like learning to ride a bike!

Don't believe all, who say that you got to be born with it. They just find excuses to avoid the work, needed to have great success with women, because they want to remain in their comfort-zone. Let them go trough life, without finding out how good it feels to have a great girlfriend. Don't listen to them, listen to me, because I really want to help you guys. It doesn't matter for me, if you are at the beginning or are good with women, you are all the same to me.

The girls don't like needy, insecure guys, because these men can't trigger strong feelings inside of them.
They want to feel uncertainty in a interaction with a man, and nice-guy behavior is the opposite of what women expects from men.

If you are nice with girls, then from now on, you got to change and become more challenging. I really mean it. No more buying dinners and gifts, no more letting them to take advantage of you, no more agreeing with everything she says (you have to be confident and show your strong personality by having your own opinion). Forget about these, because they are repulsed by these attitudes. Make me a favor and don't repeat this mistakes again.

Don't be annoyed, because you made some mistakes. MISTAKES ARE THE WAY TO SUCCESS, if you take advantage and learn from them. Don't be disappointed if you make some, and continue to work for your goal. See mistakes positive and try to avoid the ones, that you made. It's necessary to reach to the expected result.
See them as your "friend", who is trying to help you to fulfill your desire.

Look at this climbers, one of them is persevering and is making huge steps, in order to fulfill his dream and the other one is scared to get out of his comfort zone and he prefers to be secure and not take any risks.

DO YOU WANT TO SUCCEED?  Choose the role model, that would bring you the desired outcome, if you would follow it.

I hope you chose the one with the blue T-shirt.

HAVE FUN! Do everything you do for fun, not for the outcome and you'll become one of the best.
Be ambitious, work hard and everybody will envy you. Go out, have fun and talk to many girls.
Get exposure, get social and be passionate. Girls will be very interested in what you have to say and want more from you.