Monday, September 5, 2011

It's time to trigger some attraction - Role-playing and attitudes

This is my favorite subject, to talk about in dating.
To start with, I can say that if you master these and learn how to flirt, the girls are going
to be all around you. You gotta understand that you have to avoid to be logical, although the
women are sustaining their idea, that they need a man, who is nice to them, who listens to them
and who are trying to please.

This is wrong, they think that they want something, but they need something else and this is
happening because of their brain, that is composed of two areas:
                                                                    1.the logical brain 
  2.the emotional brain.

They are talking with the logical brain about their preferences, but they feel deep attraction with the emotional brain. What you have to do, is not listen all the time to what they are saying, but to watch their body-language and hear their voice-tone, in order to see their real intentions. Tough job man, but in time you'll learn these qualities and it will become easier and easier.

Being logical means death. Don't take yourself too serious, be lighthearted and fun.

 Attitudes to adopt

   1. Act like you did in the fourth grade if you remember how it was or I have to do it for you. You were a lot of fun, you laughed about the girls a lot, nothing was too serious, you took things from her and gave them back, if they deserved them. And this kind of behavior is hiding important principles, that could improve your dating life.

One of the most important principle is called "push/pull". You pushed the girl away by taking her things and making fun of her and you pulled her back by giving them the things back and showing your friendly side.
She becomes very intrigued, because she doesn't understand your actions anymore, if you like her or not. Women like the uncertainty, to play the game "He loves me/He doesn't love me!".
Be generous with them and feed them with uncertainty, be a challenge, so that she becomes intrigued and curious about you.

This attitude shows a lot of good characteristics about you: it reflects that she's not a
goddess, that you're not a fan of hers, but you see her like a normal, fun girl; you show her that
you have higher value.

I like it! What do you think that is happening when you push a girl away...Think a little bit
about the meaning for the girl before reading further.
It means that you see yourself as a high-value person, so that she will begin to seek your approval and to please you, in order to become also a high-value person like you.

   2. Another way to attract her, is to look at her as she is your little sister and act in this manner with her.
How are you behaving with a little girl or your little sister?
You're being indifferent about how she feels about you, you're comfortable in your own skin,
you're teasing her and making fun of her a lot. Beautiful. I want you to see the most beautiful girl, that you're in love with, like this.

What will happen?
She will become curious about you, because you're not like all the other guys, who are trying to please her all the time. She will begin to see you as higher-value and also seek your validation and
if you're not giving it right away, she will begin to chase you, until she gets it.

Are you with me man till now?

   3. Imagine that you switch the role with the girl, even better imagine that she is a needy guy, who is trying to s$duce you and win you over. She will be amazed, this role-play will become a true fact and she will feel that way.
Think about how she acts in the presence of nice guys and copy her behavior. She will feel
confused by this and be the one, who chases.

Clever idea, ha?
I thought so.

This role-playing is so strong and it is going to bring even better results than in the fourth
grade, when you used to play roles, like doctor and patient, mother and father, prince and
princess... . You can still play the role of a couple and say for example, when you want to tease
her : "I want a divorce. I will come later to take my cds and for the break-up s$x.", or the role of the stalker and victim and say: "I can't believe you. You were watching all the time when I was showering.
You are a bad girl." .
By playing roles with you, she will see this as real experiences and both of you will become closer and comfortable with each other.
Another advantage is that you don't have to struggle to remember lines to say, because the role,
that you're playing, writes itself. That means that you will say the right things, only by thinking
how the specific person acts and behaves. Your role will convey anything a woman wants to hear,
but you have to be careful to choose the right one.

Have only positive beliefs, because they influence the feelings that you're experiencing and
the feelings are mirrored in the body-language. Body-language is one of the most vital
concept, that you have to be able to control, in order to attract any woman you want.
A recent discovery has been made, that suggests that in a interaction you express your feelings
and thoughts 60% through your body-language, 30% through your voice-tone and 10% through your words.

What does it mean?

It means that the essential thing is how you say it, not what you say. You can talk about
nothing, but if you are in control of your body-language and voice-tone, she will perceive the
message very attractive.
Women are ten times better at understanding what you really mean, at reading your body-language.

So make yourself a favor and think only positive and feel in control of the situation, because
the girls are like a lie-detector and you can't win, only if you change yourself.

Master this and you will begin to trigger attraction in her.