Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Make me a favor: Pass women's tests!

You have to do it, unless you're on the wrong way. All the women have this habit to test men, in order to know if he's worth investing time and feelings. Maybe you think it's bad, but what is another option for women to "filter" out low-value men, to choose the right one for her? This is it!
She will tease you, give you a hard time and resistance, but if you're being non-reactive, this means that you don't start apologizing or try to explain yourself or get upset or get into the argument with her, then the attraction goes trough the roof. This shows, that you're high-value and that you don't need her approval or anyone's. You don't care about other opinions, you do what you do, because it's best for you.

It's vital to understand, that you should be happy, if a woman wants to test you, because that means something.

And what do you think it is?
It means that she is investing in you and that she sees you as a possible boyfriend for her.
All you have to do is to pass those tests and these skill can be learned. You shouldn't worry, because I will teach you everything you need to know.


1. The first one is called "compliance test". They use this test, in order to detect 'nice guys',
and if you fall in this trap, her attraction for you decreases a lot. But if you pass it, by being
non-reactive, then you win.

What do you think this test is all about?
 The girls want to see if you behave like their puppy dog, who listens everything they are saying.
For example they will ask you to buy her a drink or to buy her a car or to do something for her and if you're giving her anything she asks, you will fall in the friend-zone.
You can pass it by asking also a favor, but an exaggerated one. You can tell her:"I'll give it
to you only if you give me an one-hour massage." You can negotiate, add your own terms and this must be seen as a flirt between you two.

2. The second one is called "congruence test" and is used, in order to find out, if you are just faking your confidence and your strong inner-game. "The lie-detectors", I mean the girls, will begin to tease you, to try to make you less or to insult you and if you're insecure by showing it trough your body-language and begin to be aggressive, then you fail the test. You have to be always relaxed, comfortable with yourself and if she attacks you, you should reframe it, so that she is guilty and you are the winner or that she's really into you. Don't take it personal, look at it as a fun game.
If she says "I don't like your tastes", then you should respond "I'm glad you like them!". Always be lighthearted, fun and don't see the situation hopeless.
See it as she is trying to win you over and is very attracted to you.

3. The third test, that you can receive from a woman, is called "the gender role test". She will begin to lead, to play the male gender role and if you let her, you're again on the wrong way. She will see you as weak, insecure and she will continue to boss you around.
Like I said in the article "Remember: Every part of the relationship has to play its role!", you are supposed to play the male gender role, in order to have a healthy relationship and to attract amazing women. Don't let her be the leader, have personality and your own opinion and don't agree with everything she says, because you will reach into the friend-zone, where it will be hard to escape from.


1. For example you can ignore her and keep doing what you were doing(having fun talking to her),
so that you show her, that you are a valuable person and won't play her little games, like every other guy. If you do it correctly, she will forget about her tests and the fun conversation will continue.
2. Another way is to play along. Don't take it to seriously and if she says for example "You are a player.", you can respond "We prefer to be called in other ways.", you flirt and tease her, so that she drops the tests and sees you like a real man.
3. Another way is to show her, that you are unaffected, by saying for instance "You are cute!". You convey her, that you are aware of her games and that you know she likes you.
4. The final technique to pass a test is misinterpretation. Interpret everything she says as if she is very attracted to you and if she insults you, you can tell her: "Stop flirting with me." or "You really like me.".

Cherish every single test, every resistance, a girl gives you, because that means, that you're on the right track.  Learn how to overcome these challenges and the girls will adore you.

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