Sunday, September 25, 2011

Meeting women online!

This process sounds really interesting and fifteen years ago nobody could have believed, that it can be possible. The people didn't spend their time in front of the computer, they socialized a lot and found activities to join in. I think, this is a reason for many teenagers for their shyness, because by staying the whole day playing games on the internet, they don't interact with other people and this way they don't learn how to speak to women and can't get better at this area of their life.

But the internet has also advantages, because more and more beautiful women get online and can be approached by you without seeming weird for her, that another nice guy wants to hit on her. It's also an advantage, that you can choose to interact with the exact type of women, you are interested in. 

Unfortunately there are some obstacles, that can stop you from having success with women, but if you know how to overcome those, you will have a lot of women.
There are many men, who try to speak with them and who expect women to pay attention to them, but no woman will reply to them, if they don't know how to attract the girls.
A recent research shows that 97% quit approaching women online, because they don't get the expected results and I'm very sorry for them, because if they would have read this article, they would have continued to play this game (approaching is a fun game if you get positive results).

SO DON'T BE LIKE any other guy, who is complaining all the time. Follow this technique and you will be far more better, than other men, who don't have a clue, how to s$duce women and how to build a close relationship with her. Just by reading these articles, you show that you're high-value and I want to compliment you, because you are special, you want to improve and I'm sure, that you will succeed, if you persevere and don't quit so easily.

I had no idea how to talk to those beautiful ladies, who appeared on my screen. Yeah it's right. I acted like most of the guys, but since I applied this technique, everything changed. And if you listen to me, you will have a lot of numbers and dates. Don't do the same mistakes over and over again. Many waste money on paid sites and don't have success, but if they knew about this technique, I'm going to reveal to you, they would have been very happy to apply it.

Now let's learn about this strategy, because we're ready to learn how to attract some stunning women!

The strategy is to let the internet show us all the things, that are working, that other guys used and had great results with.
You have to take advantage of this method by creating a woman's profile(with picture necessarily, so that it appears real) and then just waiting for responses. After receiving a lot of responses and saving the ones, that differentiate themself from the others, you will know how a woman thinks about all their trial to s$duce her.

Many men have tried all the possible lines and techniques, but they never understood how to meet women online. But if you apply this technique, you will progress very fast and see also amazing results. If you take the time to find out what it's like to be a woman on the sites, you will learn a lot, that you didn't know.

Your competition will be frustrated and you will get lots of email replies from attractive women, if you work a little bit.

What do you think, that will happen, if you apply this technique?

You will see exactly what works and what doesn't and if you work a few hours, then you will have to be ready to get many dates.
TRY IT OUT, believe me! See what the competition is doing and take advantage of this, use only what works and the women will feel so understood, that she will feel also very attracted to you.

Just copy a woman's profile and a woman's photo, who live in another country, so that you don't have problems and then gather all the information, in order to choose the best replies. It would be even better to ask a girl to pick the ones, she would respond to.

This is the killer technique and all you have to do, is collect the information, choose the best material and then just use it.
It is very powerful, because you will enter in a woman's thoughts and take their perspective.

To make it even powerful, you can use the material in a cocky funny way, like David DeAngelo teaches and show her, that you know, how it's like to be a woman and you also know what kind of emails she might be getting. She will see you different, think at you as a mind reader and feel closer to you.

Is it clever or not?
It really is and you will see, if you listen to me.

This is it!!!

You won't be disappointed, trust me on this!!

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Have a nice day!