Monday, September 19, 2011

The way to success!


     1. It's not your mother, who is telling you to be a nice guy!

    2. It's not the man, who is stealing all the girls from you!

    3. It's not your friend, who is ruining your success with women, when you're going out with him!

I can continue the list, because guys tend to find excuses and blame somebody else for their failure.


You have to take responsibility and to make decisions, that can help you improve your life. Don't try to find apologies, because you didn't succeed. Even if the environment was a factor, that stopped your self-improvement and success, from now on, nothing should stay between you and your goals. See the problems, that appear in your life as challenges, become ambitious and show everybody how special you are.

I also used to find excuses for my life, for why I didn't succeed in this area, that "my neighbor's cat died", that "the stars didn't align at the right angle", all kind of nonsense.
Don't use BUT and BECAUSE in your thinking - ("but she's too tall","but she's too beautiful","I don't approach, because I didn't read all the PUA stuff/because I am lazy"). Get rid of these words, because otherwise a barrier will appear between you and your girl of your dreams. No matter what happens, even if it is going to end bad, go approach, talk to as many women as possible and you will have a lot to win and learn what to avoid.

I have an exercise for you. Go buy a calendar and from that moment you have the mission, to write a score on the scale 1-10 for each day, depending on how hard you worked to improve. If you approach 10 girls, get 5 numbers and read my articles, then give yourself a 10, but if you slept all day long or played computer games and didn't flirt with girls, give yourself a big 0. After a week, see what the average is. Your goal have to be to beat that score. This way you will see, that your life is changing a lot and you will begin to like it.

It's obvious, that if you don't take actions, everything is going to remain the same.
Like I said in one of my articles. If you take actions, the battle is half won, but it is not enough, in order to date her and make her your girlfriend. You have to have the right mentality, so that she can become attracted to you.
Before going out, read my articles about inner-game, attitudes and dating and after that you should be ready to have some fun moments with the girls.

Forget about your limiting beliefs, that are overshadowing your qualities, like confidence and self-esteem and let's try to change and to become the best version of us.

Let's expand our way of thinking and listen to the voice in our head, that is telling us: "I have to work to attract that girl! I want that girl and I will have her! It's time to have some fun!"