Saturday, October 8, 2011

Hey! I'm your friend Rejection.

My name is Rejection and I am very happy to be everybody's friend. I am a busy man, because of the massive number of friends I have, but that is not a problem, I can make time for everybody. I feel so good at the beginning, when people begin to like me and want to become closer to me, so that I want to party every single time. I am so popular, everybody wants to spend time with me.

There are many men, who think of me every day and worship me, especially needy, insecure guys. Sometimes, they become jealous, because I can't be only their friend. They need me so much and they think, that I can protect them and help them.
I give them the impression, that I am a generous, nice guy and that they have to win, if they are in my presence.

Do you know me?

Maybe you do and you think the same. But I want to announce you, that they are wrong. I'm not that guy.
You see, my name is Rejection and it suggests, that anytime a man feels rejected, it happens because of me. I got used to make people feel bad and to place deep, painful feelings in people's hearts. I became addicted to this, it's like a drug to me. I can't get rid of it anymore. Every time a guy needs me, I go there and make them feel bad, but what is weird is that they continue to think, that I'm a good friend and I can help them.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

It's time to improve

It's right, it's time for you to forget about all your limiting beliefs, that are
stopping you from having great success with women. It's time for you to change, and this change
can be done only by you. You have to admit that you have problems and try to overcome those.
I would help you if I could, but I can't, the only one who can, is YOU. You need to
understand, that by getting out of your comfort-zone, you can achieve a lot. I know that it can
be hard and maybe hurtful sometimes, but think about all the opportunities and experience, that you can gain, just by trying to improve, to be the best version of you. You should not be disappointed in the beginning,because you won't get the expected results, but you should not get intimidated,if you encounter some obstacles and forget about your goal, because this way you will be like all the other people in this society, who don't want to fight for a better life.

If you want to be successful, get dressed in this moment and go and exercise all you've learned
until now. By staying in front of the computer, you won't be able to discover this beautiful life, because the girls won't know how cool and great you are.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

How to act on a date!

Maybe you struggled or maybe not to get her number and ask her on a date. So , you have to be prepared to attract her when you meet her. Try to follow these steps and she will be all over you in short time:

1) Flirt a lot!
    Don't believe, that flirting is something wrong, it is the best way to s$duce her. Go with a good mood on the date. Before going out, do something, that you really like and makes you happy (listen to music, ring at your neighbor's door and run, I don't know what you like, but do it), because you have to be in a very good state, in order to be playful, to tease her, to flirt with her, so that the s$xual chemistry goes trough the roof.

    Don't be like all the other guys, who are acting nice on a date and are being quiet, because she will get bored and you can forget about her. Don't be logic, because logic is boring and is your enemy, it means death of the relationship most of the times. You want to have a romantic relationship, not to fall in the friend-zone and to struggle to get out of it.

2) Be a challenge

    You heard me man! Show, that you're different and that she has much to gain by spending her time with you and getting in a relationship with you.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Another way to trigger deep attraction in her!

This technique is really effective, so that if you learn how to use it right, you're going to be more successful with women. A couple of years ago, if I saw a man applying it, I thought: "How can he believe, that that would work." And after I saw, what effects it had, I just stood and rationalize, how could that method have so good results.

After understanding how attraction works, I realized that it is one of the best methods to make her chasing you. So I began to use it and guess what.....


If she was disinterested in me and I put it in practice, she turned instantly into a interested and curious girl.
This method is called "Two steps forward, one step back" and it belongs to David DeAngelo.
It means, that you have to stop when things are working, in order to accelerate the process.

Maybe you will ask yourself: "Why should I do that?"