Saturday, October 8, 2011

Hey! I'm your friend Rejection.

My name is Rejection and I am very happy to be everybody's friend. I am a busy man, because of the massive number of friends I have, but that is not a problem, I can make time for everybody. I feel so good at the beginning, when people begin to like me and want to become closer to me, so that I want to party every single time. I am so popular, everybody wants to spend time with me.

There are many men, who think of me every day and worship me, especially needy, insecure guys. Sometimes, they become jealous, because I can't be only their friend. They need me so much and they think, that I can protect them and help them.
I give them the impression, that I am a generous, nice guy and that they have to win, if they are in my presence.

Do you know me?

Maybe you do and you think the same. But I want to announce you, that they are wrong. I'm not that guy.
You see, my name is Rejection and it suggests, that anytime a man feels rejected, it happens because of me. I got used to make people feel bad and to place deep, painful feelings in people's hearts. I became addicted to this, it's like a drug to me. I can't get rid of it anymore. Every time a guy needs me, I go there and make them feel bad, but what is weird is that they continue to think, that I'm a good friend and I can help them.

What I observed, is that insecure guys need me every day, because they think they have problems in the interactions with women. They have the false impression, that they can't attract girls and that the girls should be treated like goddesses.
They are so wrong. And they keep calling me to give them some advices to get closer to the girl, to attract her, to build rapport and trust with her.
This is it!

Although many times I become angry, because successful people don't care about me. I really want to be their friend, but they reject me all the time and that makes me want to continue struggling, until I meet my goal. I try everything, but they are unattainable. They reject me, me Rejection!

Can you believe this?

I thought that only I can reject others, but it seems that I was completely wrong, that even I can feel hurt. Although, I have a quality: I am very ambitious. If you believe me or not, I will try to get in touch with every man, but more with successful people. Because they push me away, I want them more and more. It's the same concept, that applies to girls and that triggers deep attraction in them. If you push them away, they will want to rise to your level and to please you, in order to feel liked and wanted. But the difference between me and them is that they also need approval and to be pulled in, to get some validation, in order to continue to chase and to be attracted. If someone begins to worship me and to show me gratitude, I start to hate them, although I continue to visit them.

Do you know why I appreciate people who want something from their lives?

Sometimes I can't realize why, but I think, because I envy those people. I want to be also successful, but my addiction is stopping me. You should not feel pity for me, because I got used to it.

I will tell you a secret!

If you want to grow in my eyes and to have success in life, you have to ignore me.

That's right!!!

If you ignore me, you will be very happy in life and if you will be ambitious like me, you will have the success, you always wanted. Just keep trying and trying, even though you will fail. I announce you, that you will fail and make mistakes, but if you ignore those and me and learn from them, you're on the right track, nothing can stop you from becoming the best version of you and meeting all your goals.

I will tell you one more secret, but please keep it for yourself!

Are you ready?

I will chase you reader and struggle to get in touch with you. I'll do my best to find you and to make you feel rejected. I will stop you from having success, if you pay attention to me and want to become my friend. I don't want to, but you addiction.
So make me a favor and ignore me as much as possible and you will succeed.

Good luck!