Tuesday, October 4, 2011

How to act on a date!

Maybe you struggled or maybe not to get her number and ask her on a date. So , you have to be prepared to attract her when you meet her. Try to follow these steps and she will be all over you in short time:

1) Flirt a lot!
    Don't believe, that flirting is something wrong, it is the best way to s$duce her. Go with a good mood on the date. Before going out, do something, that you really like and makes you happy (listen to music, ring at your neighbor's door and run, I don't know what you like, but do it), because you have to be in a very good state, in order to be playful, to tease her, to flirt with her, so that the s$xual chemistry goes trough the roof.

    Don't be like all the other guys, who are acting nice on a date and are being quiet, because she will get bored and you can forget about her. Don't be logic, because logic is boring and is your enemy, it means death of the relationship most of the times. You want to have a romantic relationship, not to fall in the friend-zone and to struggle to get out of it.

2) Be a challenge

    You heard me man! Show, that you're different and that she has much to gain by spending her time with you and getting in a relationship with you.


    1. Don't tell her, that you like her and don't show too much interest. Don't give her the full attention, even if she's trying to win it. Punish her "I'm trying to impress you" behavior by saying "Aren't you cool?"
    2. Make the women work to win your respect and friendship (Decline and ignore invitations)
    3. Be the selector
       You: 'What ice-cream do you like?'
       Her: 'vanilla!'
       You: 'Minus 1 point. If you would have said chocolate, I would have asked your number.'

    4. Don't orient your body-language towards her and try to always lean back.

    5. Disqualify her: 'You like _____. So we don't have nothing in common.'

    6. Accuse her of checking you out trying to romance you or s$duce you
       You: 'You're trying to s$duce me, you have to buy me things, in order to spend time with me.'

    7. Challenge her with cocky funny: 'I don't know if you're able to do that!'

    8. Make her laugh and leave or speak with anyone else.

    9. Use the word 'maybe'
       You: 'Maybe I'll see you later'

    10. Make her struggle to sell her to you
        You: 'What makes you different from other girls? What are 3 things that a guy would love about you, besides your looks'

    Do you get it man?

3) Stay in control! Be a leader!

    Have you seen how nice guys try to please women and always ask them: 'Do you like ___?', 'Would you like me to __?', 'Can I kiss you?', 'Do you want to sit over there?'

    What is wrong, if you act like this?
    You're giving her the power on a golden plate! (Read 'Remember: Every part of the relationship has to play its role')

    You don't want to be seen as her girlfriend, you want to trigger s$xual tension!

    Be a leader! Make decisions, even if they are bad. It doesn't matter! Say 'Tonight we are going to play bowling!', don't ask for her permission again! You don't want to seek her approval. You don't need her validation!

4) Be independent!
    Show her, that you can continue your life without her! You can find other girls, who can make you happy and make you feel valuable.
    You don't need her so bad. She has to understand, that you have choices and there's no big problem if you don't see her again.
    This is so powerful. She will feel attraction in her whole body and will begin very soon to chase you.

5) Advance physically

    You have to advance trough her boundaries, if you want to see her again.
    Do you want to see her again?

    Then forget about your shyness and limiting beliefs (Read 'It's time to forget about our limiting beliefs') and advance, if you want her to become curious about you and to want more. Get rid of her barriers and get closer to her. Touch her a lot, but like I said in my article 'Don't fall into the friend-zone'.

6) Combine phases
    You should flirt with her, but also bond with her and build a connection, so that she can trust you. Combine rapport with attraction, see this as a cycle attraction -> rapport -> attraction -> rapport -> .....

Now you know how to act on a date, try to visualize all of these in your mind's eye. Visualize that you're with a beautiful girl on a date and you act like that and it will happen. She will be amazed, because there are a few alpha males, who can make her feel like that. Show her, that you deserve the best and that you have options.
You are a flirt machine and nothing can stop you from attracting her and having success with women.