Thursday, October 6, 2011

It's time to improve

It's right, it's time for you to forget about all your limiting beliefs, that are
stopping you from having great success with women. It's time for you to change, and this change
can be done only by you. You have to admit that you have problems and try to overcome those.
I would help you if I could, but I can't, the only one who can, is YOU. You need to
understand, that by getting out of your comfort-zone, you can achieve a lot. I know that it can
be hard and maybe hurtful sometimes, but think about all the opportunities and experience, that you can gain, just by trying to improve, to be the best version of you. You should not be disappointed in the beginning,because you won't get the expected results, but you should not get intimidated,if you encounter some obstacles and forget about your goal, because this way you will be like all the other people in this society, who don't want to fight for a better life.

If you want to be successful, get dressed in this moment and go and exercise all you've learned
until now. By staying in front of the computer, you won't be able to discover this beautiful life, because the girls won't know how cool and great you are.

Make me a favor and believe me, you won't have nothing to lose, what could happen the worst is that the girl won't pay attention to you, but if you are confident and command her attention trough your body-language, she will become very interested in what you have to say.

Don't be technique-oriented and outcome-oriented, I mean in the middle of the interaction
with the woman, you should forget about what kind of techniques you should use or to think about
the results, that you could have, because your mind will become blank and you won't
know what to say to her. Just forget about  all of this and be in the moment. Your attitude should be to have fun with her and your only goal would be to make her laugh, make her feel comfortable and attracted by you.

Think positive about this process(approaching and meeting women) and don't be scared, believe in yourself, that you're the best and that she will have a lot to win by spending her time with you.
She will feel and see this kind of attitude and become very attracted to you. And if you want an advice from me, look at her as she's your little sister, in which presence you feel very comfortable.
Have the right attitude and get to business, else you deserve the life, that you are living in. Trust in me, because it was hard for me too to go and talk to women, but by doing this step, the half of your work is done. It doesn't matter if it will go wrong, because you learn by mistakes and you will become better and better. I got to recognize, that not all my interactions with women are going good, but I will work hard to get this chapter of my life handled.

Let's forget about all the negative things, that could happen and go out with the mindset of getting better and learning as much as possible and if you have this kind of thinking, the rejection won't hurt at all, because you have just learned what mistakes to avoid. Make a feedback about the interaction and see what's positive and what's negative. If you said or done something that worked well, keep doing it, don't forget about it.

I hope you got dressed until now and if not, you have five more minutes. Go out there, have fun and you will become a very happy man.