Friday, December 30, 2011

You are the creator of your own luck!

Today I had a moment, when I realized something big. On my way home, I saw a homeless boy kissing her girlfriend.

Oh my god!!!

This is huge. He is poor, he looks bad, he is unwashed, but he has a girlfriend and seems happy.
I don't know what's your opinion about this, but I'm very impressed.

Today I realized, that anybody can find his love, his dream-girl. If the homeless boy did, I'm certain, that you can also get a girlfriend.
You are so valuable, that maybe you don't even knew or realized. So many women would want to speak with you and get to know you!

You think you want it too, to have a great relationship, but you really don't.
She's waiting for you, but you don't have the courage, you don't want to get rejected or you don't want to fail.

It's wrong man!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Attracting women, a skill that can be learned

Many men think, that it is impossible to attract women, that you have to be born with this skill, to be a natural....

I can tell, that the majority of the society has this belief and it is very wrong.
Don't listen to others, even if they are your friends, because that means that they aren't real buddies and you can't trust them or this belief has been planted by this society in their brains.

I get so angry sometimes when I hear men complain and say: "She is too good for me. You have to be rich, in order to have a relationship with her, that all she wants is to take advantage of me, that she is not worth anything and you can't have a relationship with her."

I think, that it is natural for women to reject this kind of men and to feel repulsed by them. With this kind of mentality you are guilty for your failure. I try to understand this thinking, because many men think this way.

IT IS NOT TO LATE TO CHANGE! Did you hear me?
Let me explain a little bit...