Monday, December 26, 2011

Attracting women, a skill that can be learned

Many men think, that it is impossible to attract women, that you have to be born with this skill, to be a natural....

I can tell, that the majority of the society has this belief and it is very wrong.
Don't listen to others, even if they are your friends, because that means that they aren't real buddies and you can't trust them or this belief has been planted by this society in their brains.

I get so angry sometimes when I hear men complain and say: "She is too good for me. You have to be rich, in order to have a relationship with her, that all she wants is to take advantage of me, that she is not worth anything and you can't have a relationship with her."

I think, that it is natural for women to reject this kind of men and to feel repulsed by them. With this kind of mentality you are guilty for your failure. I try to understand this thinking, because many men think this way.

IT IS NOT TO LATE TO CHANGE! Did you hear me?
Let me explain a little bit...

Let's think about trying to get good at another area, like basketball for instance. When you first take shots, you will do it wrong, you will miss the basket.

But that won't hold you up on keep trying, because you won't suffer, if your success rate is not so good. You will continue playing basketball and shooting that ball. After that, you will want to play with others...
Do you know what will happen?

You will become better!

Will you quit if you miss another shot or if you will have a bad day and nothing will work? NO NO!
So what did we learn from this example?

Don't forget about this.

SO, if you apply those rules in dating, you will see major changes in your life, but it takes time. You can't see  them after approaching one week, or after teasing 5 girls and so on. If you will keep practicing, you will see small changes every day. And after a period of time, you will feel that you are another man and you will enjoy your time with amazing women, who have a lot to offer.

These are the principles of developing a talent or a skill.

You don't have to be born with a skill, in order to succeed at that area. If you are ambitious and persevering, nothing can stop you!

If you apply these, you will expect only good results and positive things to happen, you won't celebrate every time you get a phone number from a girl, because your confidence will increase so much, so that many girls will feel attracted to you.

What stops us from approaching is that fear and that pain, that invades most of us, every time things go wrong or we mess up.

Do you know what makes improving harder?
It's our masculine pride, that it's on the line when we interact with women. And if something goes wrong, our self-esteem and pride can be hurt, it depends on how confident we feel about us. Next time, when we want to talk to a woman, memories from that specific situation raise a barrier between us and our wishes, what we want to do and achieve.

So, you should be ready to mess up hundreds of interactions with women, in order to get better at this, find your dream girl, and be able to make her feel attraction for you.

But are you? Or do you prefer to stay in your comfort zone?, because you think that otherwise you can get hurt.

If you want this really bad, then do it, ask for it, because this skill can be yours
. You will be able to have a girlfriend, without messing up another 200 hundred of interactions.

And believe me, nobody is interested in your failures, nobody counts them, nobody will remember that you failed, you will get noticed by everyone only when you will have a lot of gorgeous women around you. The success will increase in every area of your life.

Realize that it is okay if you mess up.
It is okay to fail, because when you will get your dream girl, you will feel like a winner, the victory will be that much sweeter.

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