Saturday, November 10, 2012

7 Helpful Tips to Reduce First-Date Anxiety

Starting out your relationship with the opposite sex can be full of excitement.  However, since most relationships have to start out through dating, you need to be good at facing your first-date anxiety first.  This way, you will be able to successfully overcome your limiting beliefs and avoid ruining everything on your first-date.  If you are looking forward to your first date, check out the following helpful tips:

1) Do not forget the reason for your first date

The main reason why people agree to go out for a date is to get to know each other well and to see if they match together.  This means that you need to maintain a “getting-to-know” conversation with each other, but also trigger attraction in her. I wrote articles like
           - The secrets of attraction
           - Another way to trigger attraction in her 
           - How to act on a date
that explain better how to attract women.
You have to keep in mind that being silent all throughout the date just because you were too anxious to speak is a recipe for disaster.

2) Try to figure out the common things between you and your date

During the first date, you have to be quick and sensitive enough to capture the common things between you and your partner. These topic can be a great source of topics for conversation.  Thus, your first date will not be boring and the efforts of being there will not be in vain.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

How to disarm a woman's bitch shield

As you know, many women raise their bitch shield, in order to get rid of a men. Because they are approached very often, they have to filter men and to find the one, who can trigger deep attraction in them.

The problem with most of the guys is that they are affected by these behaviors and they ran with the tail between their legs. This attitude doesn't attract women, because it shows weakness and insecurity.
This is the reason why you have to stand out from other guys and show that you are different.
And when you encounter such a situation, you have to remain in your own reality, the reality where you are a confident, important man, who beliefs in his powers.

Don't become aggressive and yell at her or don't run away from her.

Here are some lines to respond to her if she is being a bitch:

Monday, August 20, 2012

Your results are the mirror of your ego

Our belief system is so important in our development, but unfortunately many guys don't realize this. They have such a negative opinion about them, because they don't see results or they get rejected, so that their self-esteem is lowering very fast.

There are the following reasons, that stop men from getting the desired success:

1. There are many men, who want to improve their situation with women and they read everything they can find about dating. Many are reading just parts from each dating coach and then they seek other material, without even finishing the material they started. They are so eager to find out the best information, so that they read different styles from different dating gurus, without even trying something out. 
They want to know all of it, they want everything to be perfect or they are afraid of rejection or so many other reasons.

They read and read and read and then they expect to have results without doing anything.
You can wait as long as you want for the perfect situation or for the perfect girl or for the stars to get in the same line.

2. There are also men, who complain all the time about their life (that they are too fat, too ugly, too poor, too old and so on).

Sunday, August 12, 2012

How to lose a woman very fast

This situation happens to the majority of men, who are used to repulse women and to mess up a relationship, that could have been healthy and fun, if they would have known what mistakes and bad behaviors to avoid. Even though I already wrote the article 10 ways to lose a girl, I wanted to explain this subject better.

Many men want to be unique and special in her eyes and do all kind of things, but in their desire of being better, they end up behaving the same like all the other wussies, who are predictable and also give their power away.
These are the common two mistakes, that come across again and again, so that men lose their girl, without even realizing where they were wrong.

You have to understand that by making these two mistakes, you shoot yourself in the foot, because predictable means boring, boring means no feelings, no feelings means no attraction and no attraction leads to losing the girl and the power and not accomplishing your goals with women.

It is so sad to see men how they make the same mistakes repeatedly and they can't figure out how to act, in order to have the desired success.

So this is why you are going to find out what thoughts to avoid, so that you don't lose your power anymore and don't seem like an insecure, weak man to her anymore:

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

4 Effective Ways to Turn On a Woman

                                                            by BlackBelt Seduction

Make a powerful impression on a beautiful woman. Try the following in order to turn her on.

  1. Show a little of your aggressive side. This does not mean that you act like a jerk around her. What you need to display is your innate manliness, that you can take the lead as you interact with people around you. Leadership, in any way, is very impressive. It even subtly speaks of how good you are in bed. Self-assurance and brusque confidence are turn-ons for many women. Be the man, and get her to view you favorably.

  1. Smell good when you approach her. Better yet, have a trademark good-quality musky scent. Women are sensual creatures. Scents are subtle signals that subconsciously affect them. Get close to her, just enough to make her catch a whiff of your perfume.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Do you believe in yourself?

Hey man! How have you been doing?
Did you apply all my advices or at least some of them?

If not, then that's why I am going to talk about my recent experience.

Did you know that little success brings more success in life? 
I experienced it and I am very sure that it does.For example, last week I approached a girl, asking her for directions. After that, she tried to maintain the conversation and then guess what... she gave me her number without me even asking for it. 

Do you know what the secret was?

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Watch the best pickup artist showing his dating skills

Maybe you wouldn't expect to see him in action, but I have to admit that he is going to have a lot of amazing girls in his life. He is better than most men, because he doesn't care what others think about him and he tries and tries, until he succeeds.

He gets what he wants. He doesn't have time to complain, to bring excuses and to be a wuss. If he wants something, then nothing can stop him. 

This is the attitude that many men lack and that can make the difference. Maybe the girl in the video doesn't like him at the moment, but because he is ambitious and doesn't give up, there are big chances to attract her in the end and if not, then she's not the last girl in the world.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Signs that a woman is attracted to you

Hey guys!

Today I want to change the way we interact and I want to find out what you're thinking.

I want to know what's your opinion about which are the signs, that tell you that a woman is into you.

I believe that by making you think about real situations can help you even more than reading an article, because you visualize the situation in your mind's eye and it's almost like living it in the reality.
It's time for you now to contribute with something, so that you can improve your game.

You have to imagine that a woman is in front of you and you have to figure out how do you tell if she is interested in you or not.
If you go out today make eye-contact with women you know or don't know and keep it. By doing so you show that you are very confident. If you can't do it, I want to ask a female friend of yours to play the "Who looks away first, loses" game and do it, until you manage to win.

So ask yourself the following questions and give me some opinions, because I'm really curious what you think about this subject.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Do you really want a girlfriend?

If you want a girlfriend, then you have to be ready to lose her and to enjoy your life even if you are single. Many men become so devastated after a breakup, so that they want to quit school, or the job and they end up revenging on their life and becoming depressed.

Many think that there is no reason to live their life if they don't get back together with their ex-girlfriends and they believe that being with her again will change their life and every problem will disappear. 


You have to know, that if you can't live without a woman, then you never deserved her in the first place.

If you feel this way, then you have limiting beliefs and even if you find a great woman, you will push her away from you with your neediness. Having this limiting beliefs can really affect your life and can stop you from having the desired success, so that you will never become happy.
If you want to be helped to get rid of these limiting beliefs, read It's time to forget about your limiting beliefs and be aware that they are the biggest obstacle in your life and try to avoid them.

My advice is the following:

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Books that can help you succeed

Hey guys!

How are you doing?
Have you improved your skills in dating amazing women?

I'm sure that if you applied at least 30% of my advices, you have a girlfriend now or you have a date in this evening.

If you started to have success, CONGRATULATIONS!!!

If not, don't worry, keep practicing, don't feel disappointed, because you will see also results soon. If you failed until now, forget about all your past experiences, because nobody cares about what you have done.

It is important what you do now, it is pointless to get anxious and to stop trying.
Don't think that it is too late, even if you are 50 years old, because it's not.

If you didn't succeed until now, it happened because of your game.


You just have to change and to communicate different, until girls feel attracted to you.


Monday, April 23, 2012

Self-discipline leads to success

              Do you want to succeed in life?
                                      Do you want to be happy?
                                                          Do you want to meet all your goals?

Trust me, it can be done. You can be whoever you want, but you have to bear the consequences. You can't achieve what you want, if you satisfy your pleasures of the moment. You have to be ready to face obstacles and to sacrifice.

Your first mental exercise, that you have to do, is to decide between this two ways of living your life:
        -  Do you want to have fun and not fight for your future or are you ready to do whatever it takes in order to have success?
        -  Do you want to be happy for a long term or a short term?

In order to be successful in life, you have to pay the price. When you eat in a restaurant, you pay after you have finished, but in this case you have to be ready to pay the whole price before having the success, you always wanted.

The most essential principle for having success is self-discipline. Self-discipline is the ability to do what you should do, whenever it takes, whether you feel like it or not. You should be able to put off satisfaction in the short term, in order to enjoy great success in the long-term. In other words, successful people are long-term thinkers.
So many people fail, because they lack this quality. The majority of people have dreams and plans and maybe they begin to act according to their plans, but they also give up very soon and lose hope, because they don't see the success immediately.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

The costs of success


I am so happy, because I realized something these days, that can change anyone's life. By adopting this mentality, no obstacle could stop you anymore from fulfilling your dreams.
Most men prefer to avoid rejection, instead of getting the girl. They are so scared of rejection, that they prefer to stay alone the whole life.


So your future depends on this question:
Are you ready to fail and to embrace rejection, in order to meet your goals or do you prefer to wait, maybe time will do all the work for you?

You have to be honest with yourself, because there is no point in lying to yourself. Stop reading this article for a minute and think about this problem. If you don't want to improve and you are not ready to interact with women and to get good at this area, because you are too afraid of rejection, then stop reading this article and do something else, because this is not for you. I am sorry if I'm being too harsh, but this is the truth.

I hope that you have chosen the other option and you want to change your life and to see some results.
Congratulations for your choice! I am sure that you will get everything , if you really want it.

Like I said, there are two categories of men: those who play to win and those who play not to lose.

Friday, April 20, 2012

How to act when your girlfriend doesn't want to commit

If your girl doesn't want to commit to your relationship, there is certainly a problem.
The problem could be that she doesn't feel enough attracted to you and that she doesn't see a future with your relationship or you are moving too fast and put pressure on her.

A healthy relationship involves that both parties are attracted and committed to each other.
If you show her that you like her and you want a relationship with her and she is not ready for it, then she will feel pressured and she will lose attraction.

This is a basic rule: Don't show her too early that you like her!

Let her guess if you want her or not, because women like to play the game: He loves me! He doesn't love me! They love the mystery and uncertainty and if they don't know if they can have you or not, they will be so attracted and they will think all day about you and how you feel about them.
If you are needy and suffocate her, there are big chances that she will break up with you.
Don't show her more interest than her, especially if you want a long-term relationship.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

How to become powerful in women's eyes


You have to know this secret, if you want to have the power in a relationship. I'm sure that many of your relationships ended because you didn't know the secret.
If you implement this, she will show more interest in you and she will pay attention in her behavior, because she doesn't want to lose you.

Yes, this is the secret!!!

If she feels that you are ready to walk away, she will behave more attentively, in order to keep you. This is the greatest power, not the ability to flirt, to approach women or anything else.
Most of the men can't handle this situation and this is why they lose their power, because she knows, that she can do anything and he won't leave her.
This is the reason why women control the relationship and as a consequence they lose attraction for that man. She wants a leader, a man, who knows what he wants and ask what he wants.

The man thinks that if he lets her do whatever she wants, she will like him, but it’s not true at all.
You have to have personality and show her, that she needs to have a good character.
I explain more about the roles that every part of the relationship has to play in my article Every part of the relationship has to play its role.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Keep moving forward and don't give up

Hey guys! Today I got another inspirational video for you, because I really believe that you have to be motivated in order to start doing the right things. If somebody tells you to do something, you won't do it with the will of succeeding or you won't do it at all. That's why you should find the motivation, in order to meet your goals.

There are some obstacles, that you have to overcome:

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I am a champion

 This should be the words, that should surround you and lead you in life. There is no time for excuses and for doubts anymore. 

Do you want to succeed?
 Do you want to become the best and to fulfill all your dreams?
 Then do it, without rationalizing anymore and trying to escape. Because they are your dreams, not mine.

So what are you waiting for?
You are a champion and you should remember this anytime, no matter what happened.

Don't surrender under any cost, because you can accomplish anything you can.

This video was so motivating for me and I realized, that nothing can defeat me. After watching it, I felt that I am a strong, confident man and a winner. Watch it whenever you feel insecure or you are in a bad mood and I guarantee, that it will change your state and you will be ready for anything you proposed. After this speech the team won the match and I know that  you can also do a great job.
It applies in all areas of your life, not only in dating.

Nothing can stop you. Believe in yourself, because I believe in you and I know that you can meet your goals.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Flirting test and self-knowledge

Today I want to give you the opportunity to know yourself better. I don't know if you have ever made this step, that can help you improve your skills dramatically, but I really believe that it is necessary.

flirting test and self-knowledgeWhat I want you to do, is to live in the present and try to find out what your qualities and faults are. Stop living in the past or thinking about the future, because you neglect the present and you will be forever unhappy and unfulfilled.
I am sure that you have good memories and they really mean something to you, but they can't guarantee you the desired life.

You will waste your time and YOUR TIME IS VERY VALUABLE. There is no reason either to think about the future, that the destiny will solve your problems and you rely all your life on it, without doing anything, because you hope, that everything will be good and there are big chances to be sometimes in the future happy.
I have to admit, that it was happening even to me, but I thought about this problem and I realized that it is not a healthy mentality and I forgot about it.

Be present with your mind, not only with your body and struggle to find the best solution in order to improve and to have the success you always wanted.

Stop being pessimistic, because you can change your life overnight, if you really want it and you make the effort to meet your goals. Change your beliefe-system if you're not having results. Read It's time to forget about our limiting beliefs to see why your mentality is so crucial and what thoughts you should adopt in order to become happy.

I created a test for you, so that you can find out what your strengths and what your weaknesses are. Take a piece of paper and be honest with yourself. You're doing it for you, not for me. IT's your life!!

SO answer these questions:

Saturday, March 31, 2012

How to dominate a nightclub


If you want to stand out in a nightclub, then it's time to make some changes. Without these changes you will have the same results and if you are unsatisfied with them, then you have to act in a different way.

So let's do these changes:

How to dominate the nightclub
1. Learn to change your mood whenever you wish, so that you can have fun wherever you go. Do whatever you like to do, listen to music, play games, do sports, in order to get in the right state. Being in state will show people the best side of yours, you will be very open and sociable and this side can fulfill many dreams.

2. Invite some girls

It doesn't matter that they are your colleagues, or your neighbors, you just have to be seen with many girls, because that shows that you have value. Other girls will assume that these girls like you and that you have to be an interesting, charming guy, because you are surrounded by so many women. Girls become curious about you and they will want to find out more.
I have to tell you a secret unless you already knew it:
Girls are very jealous and they are able to do a lot of things just to win.

So why don't we use this in our favor?

Friday, March 30, 2012

How to make eye-contact with a woman

Hey guys. This week I paid attention intensely on people's body-language and guess what I discovered.
How to make eye-contact with a womanI realized that people are very cold with strangers and this happens, because society imposed this. For example I watched attentively how most men look away every time they are caught by other people making eye-contact with them, especially with girls. They are so shy and insecure, that they can't even look at somebody with confidence. It happened to me and I think to almost everybody. The feeling is in that moment so frustrating, because you feel that something is holding you from looking at her and you become very nervous.

Maybe you promised yourself that the next time you are going to succeed, but you are only delaying this process, without any results. I am certain you know that a interaction with somebody starts with an 

So why don't you do it?

In this moments I used to believe that I could do anything or support any consequences just to get rid of this problem. I felt my heart being prepared to explode if one more step would go wrong.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Increase your luck with women


I know there are men, who think that destiny is guilty for their failure in dating. They think, that they are not made for this and that you have to be a natural, in order to attract a woman. They are such whiners and they give up to quick. They read some articles or books in the best case and they want to be chased by women and to attract them, even though they don't talk to them.

increase your luck with womenThere is no chance to change your life if you're not doing anything and you're waiting for your dream girl to appear from nowhere. If you are too comfortable, maybe you deserve the life, that you're living.

Don't you think so?

So, do you want to change your life?

Do you want to become happy?

Here are a few tips, that can improve your life-style dramatically:

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

How to be a challenge

There are so many ways to be a challenge, but I want to show you the simplest one. It is vital to know this secret, in order to understand how you should act, if you want to have a healthy relationship. A lot of men avoid this method, but after experiencing this, they begin to get what I am going to say.

how to be a challengeTo become a challenge for a woman, you should not make her the center part of your life. Women feel repulsed by this kind of mentality and they don't want to get everything on a golden plate. Even if women don't know this, they want to work for anything, in order to deserve it, not to be treated like goddesses.

So if you show indifference once in a while and show her that you have a life and you are a busy man, then she will do anything, in order to be with you and to satisfy you. Let her work for you and show her that you are a prize and if she wants to win the prize, she has to work for it.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Ways to flirt with a girl

There are many ways you can flirt with a girl and today we're going to find out some, that really work. All you have to do is put them in practice and you'll see that they work like magic.

Flirting is essential for triggering attraction and making the girl interested in you, so that many times she will chase you and want to spend as much time as possible with you. Some men only want to sleep with hot girls, other want a relationship. It doesn't matter what you want from a girl, because if you know how to flirt, you will achieve it.

Let's analyze this a bit, in order to understand why it is so important to learn how to flirt.
         a. you create attraction
         - by knowing how to flirt and tease the girl correctly, you will have the desired results. Otherwise, if you tease her too much for example and you cross the line, so that she takes it personally, then you won't accomplish, what you wanted
        b. you avoid the friend-zone
    - this zone is so common for men, because many of them end up falling into it. Do you know why? Read Don't fall into the friend-zone

        c. you build anticipation
    - if you tease her like a smart dater, then she will want more from you and she will be very confused. This uncertainty will open her and she will be ready, when you will advance physically. For example when you kiss her, pull back, look into her eyes and smile at her. Wait for a moment and then kiss her again. So by stopping what you do, you tease her. This technique is called "Two steps forward, one step back" and you can find out how to use it successfully in the article Another way to trigger deep attraction

        d. you make her feel comfortable
    - This is also vital, because if she feels close to you, she will open up and flirt back, else she won't be ready to speak on this level with you, she will be more reserved.
Now it's time to see some examples, so that we will have the right tools to attract women.

How to flirt

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Embrace your mistakes

Embracing your mistakes is an essential quality, you must have if you want to begin to see success with women. Most men think, that the interaction with a woman should be perfect and if they make some mistakes, than the girl won't feel so attracted to them anymore.

Not true at all! You can't be perfect and the reality is that making mistakes is attractive to a woman and makes her feel more comfortable to you, if you know how to handle these. She also has insecurities, she knows that she is not perfect.

Many times a girl feels that she isn't valuable, but if you are there for her and show her the real you, not the fake you, she will feel closer to you. That doesn't mean that you should be satisfied with yourself and that you shouldn't improve anymore, it means that being imperfect is normal, but you should show her the best side of you.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Be cocky funny and you'll know how to flirt

This method belongs to David Deangelo, who is like a father to me. I learned so many stuffs listening to him and I want to thank him a lot.

Women don't like cocky, arrogant men, but when you add the funny element, she will feel attraction in her whole body. Also they don't like just funny men, because they seem like clowns to them, who are just kissing up to them and are capable to do anything, in order to make them feel good.
If you want to learn this skill, watch also this video and you'll have an idea about this.  

Examples of cocky funny behavior

I) Mess with her

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mindset to have while texting


Texting is a powerful tool in learning how to trigger attraction, because the conversation with a girl is slowed down to the point, where you have time to find the best answer.
Think about the times when after walking away from a conversation with a girl, you had the perfect thing to say come in mind. Why couldn't it have come sooner, when you needed?

So, with this system, you can train your brain to flirt and to attract women and when you meet one, there will be no problem talking to her.

Another advantage is that a text is not so invasive like a phone call. She doesn't have to stop what she is doing, she doesn't feel so committed, she feels more free and you're more likely to get an answer.

When you send a text, you have to follow specific mindsets, in order to send effective texts:

             1. Send it and forget about it

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

3 awesome subjects to talk to girls about

A lot of people have a problem finding out how to communicate with people, they find themselves very often in the position of not knowing what to say and how to make the conversation funnier and more interesting.
In order to attract girls, you have to learn to avoid those awkward silences and to give women a lot of topics
to talk about.

You will see that once you learn this techniques, it will be very easy for you and you won't struggle anymore
to find subjects to talk about.

Here are three "miraculous" topics you can use:

1. Top 10 lists

Everyone loves making top 10 lists, especially girls and they also love listening to them and arguing about them.
Talking about this topic highlights the girl's character and you can see in which category she fits in(if she likes long-term relationships or if she only wants to have fun).

Monday, February 13, 2012

10 ways to lose a girl


Every day men lose their girlfriend, because they don't know what  attitudes and behaviors to avoid. That's why many girls don't feel attraction for their boyfriends anymore and they find another man, who can keep them attracted.  You have to keep in mind that this game needs attraction and if you are ready to play it, you have to be able to flirt a lot, to be playful, to tease and to be a challenge for her.

Women like danger, mystery, challenge and uncertainty (not knowing what will happen). These are the most important reasons why you shouldn't act like a puppy dog and kiss up to them all the time. They will say often that they want a nice guy, ..., but their emotional brain is in contradiction with their logical brain.

Women love to experience deep feelings, but a nice guy can't trigger those with his behavior. That's why you have to stop to act this way, in order to bring tension in a relationship. This tension keeps any woman around a man and can make her even chase the man most of the times.

Here are ten ways to lose a girl fast:

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The secrets of attraction

 There is a secret, that so many men don't know and the lack of this knowledge is leading them to a unhappy, unfulfilled life. If you begin to master this concept, then you should be ready to party, because every girl will be all over you.

People think logically, but behave emotionally.
Women can be attracted by conveying them feelings, not trough logic, because they are emotional persons, who can change her opinion about you in seconds if you know how to push the right button, in order to have her chasing you.

Think about the following situation: If you’d want to get motivated to go to the gym, would you read a book or listen to the music, you like??
I’m sure, that your answer is: Listening to music clearly motivates you to take action.
So, multiply this ten times for a woman.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Want to find out if she likes you?

Many men face this problem every day, because they can't figure out, if a girl likes them or not. They hope, that they will find out one day, if they can have a relationship with her or not.

Do you want to be one of these guys? Or do you want to be the leader of the interaction and know always what is going on?

You have the choice!

If you accept to become an alpha male, who can have control in a relationship, then  with me you're on the good way.

Do you know why there is this problem of not knowing if she likes a man?

Because the man hasn't been advancing enough, he is the nice guy, who is just waiting for whatever reason. I suggest you to want more, not to be satisfied with this social condition.


Thursday, January 5, 2012

The best R$venge on your ex-girlfriend

 I hear many people say, that they want to revenge on their ex and they spend a lot of time thinking about a solution. They suffered after the breakup and they feel, that she also deserves to go trough that pain and hard times, they went trough.

So, many men plan to s$duce their ex, in order to dump her, so that she can experience the same awful feelings. I used to think the same a couple of years ago, but it's WRONG!

It's a waste of time and you will end up suffering again, without having the result, you wanted.

But I can tell you another idea for revenge and it's the best. After applying this method, most of the times the ex will think only about you and would want to be with you again, but it will be too late.