Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The secrets of attraction

 There is a secret, that so many men don't know and the lack of this knowledge is leading them to a unhappy, unfulfilled life. If you begin to master this concept, then you should be ready to party, because every girl will be all over you.

People think logically, but behave emotionally.
Women can be attracted by conveying them feelings, not trough logic, because they are emotional persons, who can change her opinion about you in seconds if you know how to push the right button, in order to have her chasing you.

Think about the following situation: If you’d want to get motivated to go to the gym, would you read a book or listen to the music, you like??
I’m sure, that your answer is: Listening to music clearly motivates you to take action.
So, multiply this ten times for a woman.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Want to find out if she likes you?

Many men face this problem every day, because they can't figure out, if a girl likes them or not. They hope, that they will find out one day, if they can have a relationship with her or not.

Do you want to be one of these guys? Or do you want to be the leader of the interaction and know always what is going on?

You have the choice!

If you accept to become an alpha male, who can have control in a relationship, then  with me you're on the good way.

Do you know why there is this problem of not knowing if she likes a man?

Because the man hasn't been advancing enough, he is the nice guy, who is just waiting for whatever reason. I suggest you to want more, not to be satisfied with this social condition.


Thursday, January 5, 2012

The best R$venge on your ex-girlfriend

 I hear many people say, that they want to revenge on their ex and they spend a lot of time thinking about a solution. They suffered after the breakup and they feel, that she also deserves to go trough that pain and hard times, they went trough.

So, many men plan to s$duce their ex, in order to dump her, so that she can experience the same awful feelings. I used to think the same a couple of years ago, but it's WRONG!

It's a waste of time and you will end up suffering again, without having the result, you wanted.

But I can tell you another idea for revenge and it's the best. After applying this method, most of the times the ex will think only about you and would want to be with you again, but it will be too late.