Thursday, January 5, 2012

The best R$venge on your ex-girlfriend

 I hear many people say, that they want to revenge on their ex and they spend a lot of time thinking about a solution. They suffered after the breakup and they feel, that she also deserves to go trough that pain and hard times, they went trough.

So, many men plan to s$duce their ex, in order to dump her, so that she can experience the same awful feelings. I used to think the same a couple of years ago, but it's WRONG!

It's a waste of time and you will end up suffering again, without having the result, you wanted.

But I can tell you another idea for revenge and it's the best. After applying this method, most of the times the ex will think only about you and would want to be with you again, but it will be too late.

The best way to get revenge on a woman, who has used you in the past, is to date someone who is better than her and can make you happy.
Just try to forget your ex and follow your dreams. Date other women and you will find your dream girl, because in most cases your ex-girlfriend wasn't the right person for you.

Taking direct revenge on her won't have the desired results and it won't improve your love life.
So instead of wasting your time and going trough all the negative emotions again, work on improving your love life and dating skills, because there are enough fish in the sea.

Find a woman, with whom you connect very well and feel attracted to and you will be ten times happier, than with your ex-girlfriend.

This is the best revenge! 
Life is short, so we should take advantage and enjoy it!


  1. It’s a normal behavior that we do when we’re really nervous – so don’t give it away that you’re feeling this way. Use eye contact to your advantage, that’s how to attract women. Gaze at her just a little bit longer than you look at the other girls to show your interest.

  2. Thanks for the article - liked your advice. I once got dumped by a girl and the following week I pulled one of the brides maids at a friends wedding. Ex girlfriend (who dumped me) went insane - - Andy