Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Embrace your mistakes

Embracing your mistakes is an essential quality, you must have if you want to begin to see success with women. Most men think, that the interaction with a woman should be perfect and if they make some mistakes, than the girl won't feel so attracted to them anymore.

Not true at all! You can't be perfect and the reality is that making mistakes is attractive to a woman and makes her feel more comfortable to you, if you know how to handle these. She also has insecurities, she knows that she is not perfect.

Many times a girl feels that she isn't valuable, but if you are there for her and show her the real you, not the fake you, she will feel closer to you. That doesn't mean that you should be satisfied with yourself and that you shouldn't improve anymore, it means that being imperfect is normal, but you should show her the best side of you.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Be cocky funny and you'll know how to flirt

This method belongs to David Deangelo, who is like a father to me. I learned so many stuffs listening to him and I want to thank him a lot.

Women don't like cocky, arrogant men, but when you add the funny element, she will feel attraction in her whole body. Also they don't like just funny men, because they seem like clowns to them, who are just kissing up to them and are capable to do anything, in order to make them feel good.
If you want to learn this skill, watch also this video and you'll have an idea about this.  

Examples of cocky funny behavior

I) Mess with her

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mindset to have while texting


Texting is a powerful tool in learning how to trigger attraction, because the conversation with a girl is slowed down to the point, where you have time to find the best answer.
Think about the times when after walking away from a conversation with a girl, you had the perfect thing to say come in mind. Why couldn't it have come sooner, when you needed?

So, with this system, you can train your brain to flirt and to attract women and when you meet one, there will be no problem talking to her.

Another advantage is that a text is not so invasive like a phone call. She doesn't have to stop what she is doing, she doesn't feel so committed, she feels more free and you're more likely to get an answer.

When you send a text, you have to follow specific mindsets, in order to send effective texts:

             1. Send it and forget about it

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

3 awesome subjects to talk to girls about

A lot of people have a problem finding out how to communicate with people, they find themselves very often in the position of not knowing what to say and how to make the conversation funnier and more interesting.
In order to attract girls, you have to learn to avoid those awkward silences and to give women a lot of topics
to talk about.

You will see that once you learn this techniques, it will be very easy for you and you won't struggle anymore
to find subjects to talk about.

Here are three "miraculous" topics you can use:

1. Top 10 lists

Everyone loves making top 10 lists, especially girls and they also love listening to them and arguing about them.
Talking about this topic highlights the girl's character and you can see in which category she fits in(if she likes long-term relationships or if she only wants to have fun).

Monday, February 13, 2012

10 ways to lose a girl


Every day men lose their girlfriend, because they don't know what  attitudes and behaviors to avoid. That's why many girls don't feel attraction for their boyfriends anymore and they find another man, who can keep them attracted.  You have to keep in mind that this game needs attraction and if you are ready to play it, you have to be able to flirt a lot, to be playful, to tease and to be a challenge for her.

Women like danger, mystery, challenge and uncertainty (not knowing what will happen). These are the most important reasons why you shouldn't act like a puppy dog and kiss up to them all the time. They will say often that they want a nice guy, ..., but their emotional brain is in contradiction with their logical brain.

Women love to experience deep feelings, but a nice guy can't trigger those with his behavior. That's why you have to stop to act this way, in order to bring tension in a relationship. This tension keeps any woman around a man and can make her even chase the man most of the times.

Here are ten ways to lose a girl fast: