Wednesday, February 15, 2012

3 awesome subjects to talk to girls about

A lot of people have a problem finding out how to communicate with people, they find themselves very often in the position of not knowing what to say and how to make the conversation funnier and more interesting.
In order to attract girls, you have to learn to avoid those awkward silences and to give women a lot of topics
to talk about.

You will see that once you learn this techniques, it will be very easy for you and you won't struggle anymore
to find subjects to talk about.

Here are three "miraculous" topics you can use:

1. Top 10 lists

Everyone loves making top 10 lists, especially girls and they also love listening to them and arguing about them.
Talking about this topic highlights the girl's character and you can see in which category she fits in(if she likes long-term relationships or if she only wants to have fun).

She can speak about "top 10 dream vacations", "top 10 celebrity crushes", "top 10 albums", "top 10 favorite places to have 'fun' ". There are many top 10 lists she can make and it's certain that she will give you material to tease her on, to make fun of her and playfully argue with her.

2. Finding common enemies

While talking about this, she will feel closer to you, because she will feel understood. You get on the same team as her and find a common enemy to talk about. You can find as an enemy someone you both went to school with and make her laugh by making fun about that person in an amusing way.

An enemy could also be a band, a holiday, people from a specific country, anything...

A very good question to ask a girl is: "Who is that one girl you're always competing against?" or "Who is your mortal enemy?". Her answers will surely give you information, to tease her on.

Just have fun with it and not only will you build comfort and rapport, but also attraction, that is essential if you want to have a relationship with that girl.

3. Imagining that you two visit countries and travel around the world

This topic is one of my favorites, because although you're only imagining, the girl will see that as an experience and it will remain as a memory for her. The more memories she has with you, the more comfortable she feel around you and you will win her trust.

You tell her what countries you both will visit and how much fun you will have there, because you will have fun activities to do. Let free your imagination and this topic will become interesting. She will talk also about countries you both should visit and if you get the chance, tease her a lot.

I used these topics even these days and it clearly worked for me. Try them too and you won't experience awkward silences again. You will see progress in your communication with girls and they will feel more attracted to you.


  1. Very nice article. Keep up the good work!

  2. I always have problems starting a conversation or continuing it, but now you opened my mind. I will practice these and thank you for the tips.

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