Saturday, February 18, 2012

Be cocky funny and you'll know how to flirt

This method belongs to David Deangelo, who is like a father to me. I learned so many stuffs listening to him and I want to thank him a lot.

Women don't like cocky, arrogant men, but when you add the funny element, she will feel attraction in her whole body. Also they don't like just funny men, because they seem like clowns to them, who are just kissing up to them and are capable to do anything, in order to make them feel good.
If you want to learn this skill, watch also this video and you'll have an idea about this.  

Examples of cocky funny behavior

I) Mess with her

Treat her like you treated girls when you were in the fourth grade. Do the same things you did, annoy her, tease her. Remember how you used to act in those days and implement this behavior.
    1. Imitate her
    2. Keep getting in her way
    3. Repeat everything she says
    4. Misinterpret  what she says to seem that she is chasing you and that she likes you
    5. Ask for something ridiculous when she wants you to do something
        She: "Please give me my purse."
        You: "Only if you give me an one-hour massage." If she disagrees, pull that     away, don't give her what she wants.

II) Be a high-value person 

Behave with her as if she is the one, who chases you.
    1. Tell a woman, if she sits near you at the bar: "Out of all places in the bar, you chose to stand by me and you don't even have the courage to introduce yourself."
    2. "You are totally checking me up...Aren't you?"
    3. Tell a woman you spoke briefly with : "I am disappointed you didn't came over. We had a nice vibe going earlier"

III) Body-language and non-verbal communication

This stage is done in a physical way, but is is also meant to piss her off for a second, but then to make her smile.
    1. When you walk on a street, push her into something lightly
    2. Thumb wrestle with her, but cheat always so that you win
    3. Ask her to give you something and when she hands you that thing, go and talk to anyone else
    4. Fake a high five and leave her hand hanging
    5. When she wants to sit, steal the chair and sit very relaxed smiling at her

Follow this steps, because you will show the girl that you're special, not like all the other insecure guys. This means being cocky and funny, because you treat the woman like a 12-year-old girl and she likes this, although sometimes she will hide it at first.
This behavior shows that you are a playful, confident man and she will want to spend a lot of time with you.


  1. I really like the way you think and how you teach people to become better at dating. Keep up the good work man!

  2. Indeed it is always good to show that you are attracted to her and do not think that the rude boy attitude will win you any girls heart. If you really want to show her that you care listen to her, pay attention and make eye contact as appropriately as you can.