Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Embrace your mistakes

Embracing your mistakes is an essential quality, you must have if you want to begin to see success with women. Most men think, that the interaction with a woman should be perfect and if they make some mistakes, than the girl won't feel so attracted to them anymore.

Not true at all! You can't be perfect and the reality is that making mistakes is attractive to a woman and makes her feel more comfortable to you, if you know how to handle these. She also has insecurities, she knows that she is not perfect.

Many times a girl feels that she isn't valuable, but if you are there for her and show her the real you, not the fake you, she will feel closer to you. That doesn't mean that you should be satisfied with yourself and that you shouldn't improve anymore, it means that being imperfect is normal, but you should show her the best side of you.

I always speak that attraction is crucial in succeeding at this area, but if you don't mix it with rapport, then there are big chances to be seen as a clown and you can't earn her trust anymore.
The interaction with a woman should be seen as a circle of attraction and rapport (attraction -> rapport -> attraction -> rapport -> .... ).
In order to build rapport, you have to open yourself up, without begin afraid that it will leave you emotionally vulnerable. If you succeed to open up, she will do it too in response and will relax in your presence. Your interaction will become very deep and you will be capable to have an interesting and enjoyable relationship with a woman.

Making mistakes seems a big deal for the woman only if you make it seem a big deal
 Don't get anxious and freak out, just laugh them off. Your reaction and attitude toward what happens to you is very important and will influence her behavior. If you don't care about the outcome and making mistakes, you will appear as a real, confident man.

Men show their real confidence in moments of imperfection and embarrassing situations. If you can embrace your mistakes and laugh about them, people won't see your mistakes as negative and you will seem the coolest person on earth.

Let's think of some mistakes that could appear:
    1. Negative body-language (leaning in for example)
    2. Stuttering
    3. Spilling your drink over her dress
    4. Saying something stupid   
    ......... You know a lot of them. I'm sure that you have done enough mistakes, because I did.

When you do these, don't make them into an obstacle, because it is a test for you, for your confidence.

Many men behave in these ways:
    1. They apologize for it
    2. They feel ashamed and guilty
    3. They try to explain what happened
    4. They get angry, because they know people will laugh about them
    5. They worry a long period of time about it after it happened ,....and so on.

Don't care when you will do these mistakes, you can also joke about making those.

Real men make these seem sexy and women become very attracted to them. From now on, see them as positive. For example if you stutter when you want to approach a girl, say: "Oh my god girl. What are you doing to me?" and laugh.

Learning this skill will help you connect better with women and people, not only girls, will want you in their life, because you are a valuable, interesting, fun person, who can make everybody feel awesome.

Tell me your opinions about this and I hope that it was helpful for you!


  1. I have problems opening up and building a connection with a woman, but this article motivated me and I will try these advices to see if it works for me. Thank you!

  2. Very good advice "how to get a girl". By doing so you build trust and a deep connection. "Will" you can read Don't fall into the friend-zone to find out more about building rapport with a girl trough touches.

  3. You are right man! Women get turned on many times if you open up sometimes, but not to much. I'm not afraid anymore of doing mistakes and I enjoy success with women.

  4. Of course, they've heard this probably their whole life. It just makes you one of the masses. Instead, point out something about their inside beauty. Just make sure it's genuine. It could be her great style or fabulous sense of humor or even her kindness to animals.

  5. You have to fight that feeling of wanting her approval right away and put it off for a bit. You need to just have a good interaction with her and if she likes it, cool. If not, then you should feel like you can just move on to the next one.