Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mindset to have while texting


Texting is a powerful tool in learning how to trigger attraction, because the conversation with a girl is slowed down to the point, where you have time to find the best answer.
Think about the times when after walking away from a conversation with a girl, you had the perfect thing to say come in mind. Why couldn't it have come sooner, when you needed?

So, with this system, you can train your brain to flirt and to attract women and when you meet one, there will be no problem talking to her.

Another advantage is that a text is not so invasive like a phone call. She doesn't have to stop what she is doing, she doesn't feel so committed, she feels more free and you're more likely to get an answer.

When you send a text, you have to follow specific mindsets, in order to send effective texts:

             1. Send it and forget about it

 After sending a text, many men begin to doubt, if she is not responding quickly. Their confidence decreases and they think: "Why did I send it? Maybe I offended her. I should have told her something else". All kinds of beliefs come to mind and they limit your capacity to succeed. Just forget about it, because most of the times she will answer and you will be very surprised how good she reacted. Be confident!

             2. The way you write the message is essential

Your text has to be engaging, because you want her to reply and in order to succeed you have to think that she is bored at work and your mission is to make her laugh. For example don't say like anybody else "What are you doing?", say "What's cooking? I think you should draw me a picture today. I always liked dinosaurs!".
Your texts should convey that you're a fun person to hang around and that you deserve her time.

             3. Don't be afraid to try something new

Even if you fail, it will be a lesson for you. See what works and what doesn't and keep doing the good stuffs. If you want her to like you, you have to try everything. You need to know that you are an excellent person and she has to be happy, because she met you.

            4. Be persevering. Don't give up!

If she doesn't answer, wait a few days and send her another text. Do that for a week and she doesn't respond, then forget about her, you don't have time to waste. But you will see that often she will respond and you will end up with a date if you follow my advices.

See this as a game and have fun with it. Don't be scared to try something new or that you offended her. Practice practice practice and you will become a master!


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