Saturday, March 31, 2012

How to dominate a nightclub


If you want to stand out in a nightclub, then it's time to make some changes. Without these changes you will have the same results and if you are unsatisfied with them, then you have to act in a different way.

So let's do these changes:

How to dominate the nightclub
1. Learn to change your mood whenever you wish, so that you can have fun wherever you go. Do whatever you like to do, listen to music, play games, do sports, in order to get in the right state. Being in state will show people the best side of yours, you will be very open and sociable and this side can fulfill many dreams.

2. Invite some girls

It doesn't matter that they are your colleagues, or your neighbors, you just have to be seen with many girls, because that shows that you have value. Other girls will assume that these girls like you and that you have to be an interesting, charming guy, because you are surrounded by so many women. Girls become curious about you and they will want to find out more.
I have to tell you a secret unless you already knew it:
Girls are very jealous and they are able to do a lot of things just to win.

So why don't we use this in our favor?

Friday, March 30, 2012

How to make eye-contact with a woman

Hey guys. This week I paid attention intensely on people's body-language and guess what I discovered.
How to make eye-contact with a womanI realized that people are very cold with strangers and this happens, because society imposed this. For example I watched attentively how most men look away every time they are caught by other people making eye-contact with them, especially with girls. They are so shy and insecure, that they can't even look at somebody with confidence. It happened to me and I think to almost everybody. The feeling is in that moment so frustrating, because you feel that something is holding you from looking at her and you become very nervous.

Maybe you promised yourself that the next time you are going to succeed, but you are only delaying this process, without any results. I am certain you know that a interaction with somebody starts with an 

So why don't you do it?

In this moments I used to believe that I could do anything or support any consequences just to get rid of this problem. I felt my heart being prepared to explode if one more step would go wrong.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Increase your luck with women


I know there are men, who think that destiny is guilty for their failure in dating. They think, that they are not made for this and that you have to be a natural, in order to attract a woman. They are such whiners and they give up to quick. They read some articles or books in the best case and they want to be chased by women and to attract them, even though they don't talk to them.

increase your luck with womenThere is no chance to change your life if you're not doing anything and you're waiting for your dream girl to appear from nowhere. If you are too comfortable, maybe you deserve the life, that you're living.

Don't you think so?

So, do you want to change your life?

Do you want to become happy?

Here are a few tips, that can improve your life-style dramatically:

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

How to be a challenge

There are so many ways to be a challenge, but I want to show you the simplest one. It is vital to know this secret, in order to understand how you should act, if you want to have a healthy relationship. A lot of men avoid this method, but after experiencing this, they begin to get what I am going to say.

how to be a challengeTo become a challenge for a woman, you should not make her the center part of your life. Women feel repulsed by this kind of mentality and they don't want to get everything on a golden plate. Even if women don't know this, they want to work for anything, in order to deserve it, not to be treated like goddesses.

So if you show indifference once in a while and show her that you have a life and you are a busy man, then she will do anything, in order to be with you and to satisfy you. Let her work for you and show her that you are a prize and if she wants to win the prize, she has to work for it.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Ways to flirt with a girl

There are many ways you can flirt with a girl and today we're going to find out some, that really work. All you have to do is put them in practice and you'll see that they work like magic.

Flirting is essential for triggering attraction and making the girl interested in you, so that many times she will chase you and want to spend as much time as possible with you. Some men only want to sleep with hot girls, other want a relationship. It doesn't matter what you want from a girl, because if you know how to flirt, you will achieve it.

Let's analyze this a bit, in order to understand why it is so important to learn how to flirt.
         a. you create attraction
         - by knowing how to flirt and tease the girl correctly, you will have the desired results. Otherwise, if you tease her too much for example and you cross the line, so that she takes it personally, then you won't accomplish, what you wanted
        b. you avoid the friend-zone
    - this zone is so common for men, because many of them end up falling into it. Do you know why? Read Don't fall into the friend-zone

        c. you build anticipation
    - if you tease her like a smart dater, then she will want more from you and she will be very confused. This uncertainty will open her and she will be ready, when you will advance physically. For example when you kiss her, pull back, look into her eyes and smile at her. Wait for a moment and then kiss her again. So by stopping what you do, you tease her. This technique is called "Two steps forward, one step back" and you can find out how to use it successfully in the article Another way to trigger deep attraction

        d. you make her feel comfortable
    - This is also vital, because if she feels close to you, she will open up and flirt back, else she won't be ready to speak on this level with you, she will be more reserved.
Now it's time to see some examples, so that we will have the right tools to attract women.

How to flirt