Wednesday, March 28, 2012

How to be a challenge

There are so many ways to be a challenge, but I want to show you the simplest one. It is vital to know this secret, in order to understand how you should act, if you want to have a healthy relationship. A lot of men avoid this method, but after experiencing this, they begin to get what I am going to say.

how to be a challengeTo become a challenge for a woman, you should not make her the center part of your life. Women feel repulsed by this kind of mentality and they don't want to get everything on a golden plate. Even if women don't know this, they want to work for anything, in order to deserve it, not to be treated like goddesses.

So if you show indifference once in a while and show her that you have a life and you are a busy man, then she will do anything, in order to be with you and to satisfy you. Let her work for you and show her that you are a prize and if she wants to win the prize, she has to work for it.

Besides attracting the girl with this mentality, you will have the same great life even if you break up with her. Think a little bit, if you dedicate your whole time for her, you will lose everything, that you had until that moment, your friends and your relationships with people especially, that are some of the most important things, a man needs, in order to be successful.

She will feel repulsed to know that you're thinking the whole day about her and that you don't have desires and goals you want to meet.

A relationship needs space, if you want it to last long and to be healthy. If you spend your days with her without doing anything else, the relationship will become boring and you will find yourself in the situation of not feeling very good in her presence after a while. But if there is space, then she and you will be very excited to meet and to hang together.

There is also the situation, where she is possesive and she doesn't want you to see your friends or to do whatever you want to do. If you let her manipulate you, you give her the power and it will be the beginning of a nightmare. She will be your boss and she won't feel anything for you. You will be her toy and everything will be ruined.

So be a leader, guide your relationship and she will love you. You have the right to go drink a beer with your friends or to play golf or whatever you want and she has to understand this.

Have self-discipline, learn to balance and to focus your energy on all aspects of your life. It's your game and reality and she is your guest. Show her how interesting your world is and you will be very successful, not only in dating and relationships, but also in other areas of your life.

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