Saturday, March 31, 2012

How to dominate a nightclub


If you want to stand out in a nightclub, then it's time to make some changes. Without these changes you will have the same results and if you are unsatisfied with them, then you have to act in a different way.

So let's do these changes:

How to dominate the nightclub
1. Learn to change your mood whenever you wish, so that you can have fun wherever you go. Do whatever you like to do, listen to music, play games, do sports, in order to get in the right state. Being in state will show people the best side of yours, you will be very open and sociable and this side can fulfill many dreams.

2. Invite some girls

It doesn't matter that they are your colleagues, or your neighbors, you just have to be seen with many girls, because that shows that you have value. Other girls will assume that these girls like you and that you have to be an interesting, charming guy, because you are surrounded by so many women. Girls become curious about you and they will want to find out more.
I have to tell you a secret unless you already knew it:
Girls are very jealous and they are able to do a lot of things just to win.

So why don't we use this in our favor?

3. Smile at all times

You should smile especially when you're approaching women, because you convey confidence and a positive energy. Most of the times she will smile back and you can start a conversation. It doesn't cost you anything, so there is nothing that could stop you doing it.

4. Be a leader

 Don't be afraid to take choices, even if they are bad. This attitude will attract people around you, they will listen to you and get comfortable with you. People will trust you and you will win some friends. Talk to everybody, get people to drink with you and have fun.

5. Have strong body-language

Your body-language should demand attention. Walk tall with your shoulders straight and don't rush. Make yourself at home and create presence with your body-language. Keep the eye-contact with everybody and don't forget about that smile. If you have problems doing it, read How to make eye-contact with a woman.
Demand attention, don't hide in a corner!

6. Dance and have a good time

Your mentality should be to have a good time, not to pick up girls and that the bar/club is your house and nobody belongs there more than you.
It is always on. Treat every situation with a woman like she wants you bad.

7. Be challenging

Don't be like other insecure guys, who agree with everything she's saying. Have your own opinion and don't hide your real character. If she doesn't like you for who you are, then you should move on, because you don't have time to waste. Make the woman work to win your respect and friendship. I wrote the article How to act on a date , that can show you exactly how to act challenging.

Have this mindset every time you go in a nightclub, because it's a powerful tool and can attract a lot of gourgeous women.  Go out tonight and behave this way, because the girls are waiting for you.

In the next article we will discuss more about techniques and ideas to approach women and to attract them.
If you have questions or remarks, feel free to share them to me.

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  1. nice article..thanks for sharing! Women get attracted to a guy who look confident .. and If you want to get a woman, show her attention...