Sunday, March 25, 2012

Ways to flirt with a girl

There are many ways you can flirt with a girl and today we're going to find out some, that really work. All you have to do is put them in practice and you'll see that they work like magic.

Flirting is essential for triggering attraction and making the girl interested in you, so that many times she will chase you and want to spend as much time as possible with you. Some men only want to sleep with hot girls, other want a relationship. It doesn't matter what you want from a girl, because if you know how to flirt, you will achieve it.

Let's analyze this a bit, in order to understand why it is so important to learn how to flirt.
         a. you create attraction
         - by knowing how to flirt and tease the girl correctly, you will have the desired results. Otherwise, if you tease her too much for example and you cross the line, so that she takes it personally, then you won't accomplish, what you wanted
        b. you avoid the friend-zone
    - this zone is so common for men, because many of them end up falling into it. Do you know why? Read Don't fall into the friend-zone

        c. you build anticipation
    - if you tease her like a smart dater, then she will want more from you and she will be very confused. This uncertainty will open her and she will be ready, when you will advance physically. For example when you kiss her, pull back, look into her eyes and smile at her. Wait for a moment and then kiss her again. So by stopping what you do, you tease her. This technique is called "Two steps forward, one step back" and you can find out how to use it successfully in the article Another way to trigger deep attraction

        d. you make her feel comfortable
    - This is also vital, because if she feels close to you, she will open up and flirt back, else she won't be ready to speak on this level with you, she will be more reserved.
Now it's time to see some examples, so that we will have the right tools to attract women.

How to flirt

    1. Role-playing

    Many guys are so serious in the interactions with women and they don't know how to become playful and fun. One example of role-playing is role reversal and it really works great.

How many times did women say things that make us look less important than her or always thinking or wanting "something" from her?

Men see themselves very small and unimportant when they hear those lines.
So let's steal her role and make her look the pursuer and that she's lower status.

What do you think about that? Great idea, huh?

You can say:
I) I'm not that easy you think I am
II) That's all you can do? or You have to do more to impress me.

Always accuse her of falling in love with you or of wanting to sleep with you. It creates tension, chemistry between you two and it is also funny.

Say: I) You're trying to get me into bed.
      II) Because you are so helpful, you can become my personal assistant and bring me the coffee for example, but only if you promise to wear a decent length skirt and don’t show too much leg.
     III) Stop making me think of dirty things. You're totally corrupted.

This shows that you're comfortable with any situation, that you're confident and she will begin to have some interesting dreams with you in time.You can see other awesome examples in the article It's time to trigger some attraction - Role-playing and attitudes

    2. Nick-names

Nick-names are essential, because you can build rapport and comfort with them by creating a private world, that only the two of you understand. It becomes something personal and she will become attached more rapidly. Some examples of nick-names I use are troublemaker, dirty chick, nice smile, pervert girl. By using these you can tease her dirty behavior, that shows that she’s dirty minded and wants to get into your pants.

    3. Be playful

To understand how to flirt, you have to be playful and everything will come by itself. The most important thing is to have fun with her, in order to attract her. Don’t take anything personal, be open-minded and have the mentality of having fun and making her laugh.

    4. Charge the situation s$xually

You can do this by implying s$x and getting her to talk about it and after she does, you accuse her of bringing up this topic and trying to corrupt you.
You: “You’re really trying to seduce me and get into my pants.”
Or “You are trying to make me think of interesting things and to corrupt me, but it’s not gone work.”
You can use your lines, all I want to do is to plant seeds into your brain, so that you know how to act in every situation.

    5. Misinterpret her words

Pay attention to words that can suggest that she’s thinking about 'having fun' and misinterpret her words, so that she seems to have a lower status than you and that she wants you really bad. This technique can spark chemistry and it gives you the opportunity to tease her.

By following these tips, I am very certain that you won’t fall into the friend-zone anymore and that she will see you as a confident man, who has the power and can control the situation. You will become a magnet for the women, but you have to practice, practice, practice, not just read the article and after that play games or forget about these advices. Promise me and yourself, that tomorrow you will try these out and you will see amazing results.


  1. I would never want to go back there. Once you understand how to get a woman attracted to you - you feel like you can get just about any woman that you would like to. And that feeling is priceless. Not many men get to feel that way for real, and when you can be one of the ones that does... you don't ever want to go back.

  2. Loved your article.