Sunday, April 22, 2012

The costs of success


I am so happy, because I realized something these days, that can change anyone's life. By adopting this mentality, no obstacle could stop you anymore from fulfilling your dreams.
Most men prefer to avoid rejection, instead of getting the girl. They are so scared of rejection, that they prefer to stay alone the whole life.


So your future depends on this question:
Are you ready to fail and to embrace rejection, in order to meet your goals or do you prefer to wait, maybe time will do all the work for you?

You have to be honest with yourself, because there is no point in lying to yourself. Stop reading this article for a minute and think about this problem. If you don't want to improve and you are not ready to interact with women and to get good at this area, because you are too afraid of rejection, then stop reading this article and do something else, because this is not for you. I am sorry if I'm being too harsh, but this is the truth.

I hope that you have chosen the other option and you want to change your life and to see some results.
Congratulations for your choice! I am sure that you will get everything , if you really want it.

Like I said, there are two categories of men: those who play to win and those who play not to lose.

Those who play not to lose are the nice guys, who are "playing it safe", so that they won't get rejected. By being nice, people won't become attached to you, but won't criticize you or reject you neither. This behavior won't attract women, because niceness doesn't convey the right feelings, most of the times there are no feelings involved and as you surely know if you read my articles, women are emotional beings.

Do you want to win?

Do you want to attract the girl and have a short or long-term relationship with her?

Then niceness and waiting for the destiny to solve your problems won't help you and there are very little chances to achieve this.

Winners should be ready to lose, to feel embarrassed, laughed at and even hated.
BUT every time you lose, actually you win, because you know now how to handle those mistakes and to avoid those mistakes.

Don't care about what other people think about you, it shouldn't affect you at all, because you are not living for them, you are not dedicating your life to anyone.
You have one life and you should live it fully and to experience as much as you can.
Let other waste their time by trying to stop you or to make you look insignificant or whatever they want. They are acting that way, because they are jealous of you, because they didn't succeed, they didn't improve, they remained unhappy.

Stand to lose and you will win. Embrace your mistakes and loses!
Loses are so important, maybe you didn't realize this yet. They give a better sense of reality, a better understanding of everything that surrounds you, they are shaping your personality and you will appear as a great person in everyone's eyes.

Accept failures, because they are a necessary evil!  
Don't be afraid to take risks, if you want to win.

I am certain that you are a winner, even if you didn't realize this until now and that you will succeed if you apply my tactics.

Good luck and I hope to hear your opinions and how it worked for you!


  1. The road to success is paved with failures...

  2. Now I realize how negative my thoughts are sometimes and how I get disappointed every time I fail, so that I abandon. I think you are really right and I will try to change my mindset.