Monday, April 2, 2012

Flirting test and self-knowledge

Today I want to give you the opportunity to know yourself better. I don't know if you have ever made this step, that can help you improve your skills dramatically, but I really believe that it is necessary.

flirting test and self-knowledgeWhat I want you to do, is to live in the present and try to find out what your qualities and faults are. Stop living in the past or thinking about the future, because you neglect the present and you will be forever unhappy and unfulfilled.
I am sure that you have good memories and they really mean something to you, but they can't guarantee you the desired life.

You will waste your time and YOUR TIME IS VERY VALUABLE. There is no reason either to think about the future, that the destiny will solve your problems and you rely all your life on it, without doing anything, because you hope, that everything will be good and there are big chances to be sometimes in the future happy.
I have to admit, that it was happening even to me, but I thought about this problem and I realized that it is not a healthy mentality and I forgot about it.

Be present with your mind, not only with your body and struggle to find the best solution in order to improve and to have the success you always wanted.

Stop being pessimistic, because you can change your life overnight, if you really want it and you make the effort to meet your goals. Change your beliefe-system if you're not having results. Read It's time to forget about our limiting beliefs to see why your mentality is so crucial and what thoughts you should adopt in order to become happy.

I created a test for you, so that you can find out what your strengths and what your weaknesses are. Take a piece of paper and be honest with yourself. You're doing it for you, not for me. IT's your life!!

SO answer these questions:

       1) Do you flirt with every woman you meet?

       2) Do you flirt without being outcome-oriented?

       3) Are you a playful person when you flirt?

       4) Do you tease girls and give them a hard time?

       5) Do you send mixed signals?

       6) Are you a challenging guy?

       7) Do you behave as if the woman wants you bad and is hitting on you?

       8) Do you play roles with her?

       9) Do you create anticipation by pulling back?

     10) Are you misinterpreting her words, so that she seems to be in love with you or having a dirty mind?

     11) Do you leave her wanting more?

If you answered with yes at least 5 questions, then you are on the right way. If you responded affirmative more than 7 questions, then you are a smart dater and I am sure, that women are loving you. If you don't act like this with women, you should read my articles about flirting and inner-game and then implement what you read.

If you really want this, then you can do it. Nobody can stop you, just be optimistic and practice, practice, practice!

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  1. Indeed the signs described above a just a few of the many possible indications which show that a woman may be flirting. Women may flirt with you simply for entertainment or may be looking for a relationship, in the same way that you may also be. This intention, or the absence of it, will not become apparent until the subject is brought up in