Friday, April 20, 2012

How to act when your girlfriend doesn't want to commit

If your girl doesn't want to commit to your relationship, there is certainly a problem.
The problem could be that she doesn't feel enough attracted to you and that she doesn't see a future with your relationship or you are moving too fast and put pressure on her.

A healthy relationship involves that both parties are attracted and committed to each other.
If you show her that you like her and you want a relationship with her and she is not ready for it, then she will feel pressured and she will lose attraction.

This is a basic rule: Don't show her too early that you like her!

Let her guess if you want her or not, because women like to play the game: He loves me! He doesn't love me! They love the mystery and uncertainty and if they don't know if they can have you or not, they will be so attracted and they will think all day about you and how you feel about them.
If you are needy and suffocate her, there are big chances that she will break up with you.
Don't show her more interest than her, especially if you want a long-term relationship.

 My advice for you if you want her to become closer to you, is to pull back and see what happens. You will see if she really wants you, because if she does, she will become nicer to you, because she realizes that she doesn't want to lose you. Read Another way to trigger deep attraction in her to find out more about the technique "Two steps forward and one step back", because it can really help you in triggering deep attraction in her.

If there are no chances, it is clear that she doesn't want to commit, because she has some reasons (she suffered in her past relationship and she doesn't want to relive those moments or maybe she has a crush on somebody else or maybe she is not ready for a relationship).

You will know exactly what her intentions are and act according to her attitude.
You should take the decision on what to do next. Now you know how she feels about you and that is very important, because you have no time to waste.

As a conclusion, it is best to avoid pressuring her to have a relationship with you and to talk about your feelings towards her. If she knows everything about you, the relationship will become boring at some point. Let her guess what your thoughts are and she will spend her time thinking about you.

Good luck!

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  1. This attitude also means that you know when to crack your joke. You just do not throw your punch lines without thinking. If you do this, you will just look horrible talking and talking but without sense at all. Thanks!