Sunday, April 8, 2012

How to become powerful in women's eyes


You have to know this secret, if you want to have the power in a relationship. I'm sure that many of your relationships ended because you didn't know the secret.
If you implement this, she will show more interest in you and she will pay attention in her behavior, because she doesn't want to lose you.

Yes, this is the secret!!!

If she feels that you are ready to walk away, she will behave more attentively, in order to keep you. This is the greatest power, not the ability to flirt, to approach women or anything else.
Most of the men can't handle this situation and this is why they lose their power, because she knows, that she can do anything and he won't leave her.
This is the reason why women control the relationship and as a consequence they lose attraction for that man. She wants a leader, a man, who knows what he wants and ask what he wants.

The man thinks that if he lets her do whatever she wants, she will like him, but it’s not true at all.
You have to have personality and show her, that she needs to have a good character.
I explain more about the roles that every part of the relationship has to play in my article Every part of the relationship has to play its role.

I’ve come to the conclusion that neediness in most guys come as a result of their unwillingness to “let go”. They are used to cling onto a woman under any condition and they are ready to give away anything just to be with her.


Don’t do the same mistakes!

Don’t stand her bad behavior. For example:
-          If she’s cheating on you, leave her
-          If she wants just your money, leave her
-          If she behaves mean to you, leave her.

My opinion is that there are plenty of fish in the sea and you have more to win, if you get over such a relationship and find a woman, who can make you happy.

Your mentality should be: “I can leave her anytime” and you will see some changes in the interactions and relationships with women. She will be more careful with you and you won’t lose your power anymore.

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  1. You should be a gentleman and take care of her needs without prompting. Open doors, offer your coat when she's cold, etc. Just show that you care and you are there for her.