Friday, April 6, 2012

Keep moving forward and don't give up

Hey guys! Today I got another inspirational video for you, because I really believe that you have to be motivated in order to start doing the right things. If somebody tells you to do something, you won't do it with the will of succeeding or you won't do it at all. That's why you should find the motivation, in order to meet your goals.

There are some obstacles, that you have to overcome:

1. Lack of motivation

That's why I want you to feel motivated, to stand up every time you fall and get over difficulties of life. I know that sometimes it's not how we wished to be and maybe we don't deserve some miserable stuff, but we have the power to change our life.
Many like to stay in their comfort-zone and prefer to have a mediocre life, instead of 'tasting' all the pleasures and trying to become the best.
This is sad, because every man has a potential and many don't even realize this, because they are not experiencing anything, they wait and wait and wait .....
and they wake up twenty years later regreting, because they didn't live their life.

2. Caring about other's opinions

I mention this a lot, because this is really holding you from having the desired results.

Why should you care about their opinions?
Why should you believe that you are not able to do something, because somebody tells you that?

Get rid of these kind of people, you don't need them, find people, who encourage you to succeed and who are near you when you need them.
Believe in yourself, don't listen to any person, who doesn't believe in you, even if they know you well. They are acting that way, because they don't believe in themself and they would become jealous by seeing you meeting your goals and succeeding. They can't accomplish anything and that's why they try to keep you on the same level wih them.

3. Not being responsible for your choices and everything that happens to you

It it very easy to blame your mother, because she didn't raise you correctly and she didn't hug you or to blame your ex-girlfriend, because she left you and so over.
But you should take all of these responsibilities, because you could have changed the situation if you would have acted in other way.
Listen to Rocky Balboa's words:"It ain't about how hard you hit. It's about how hard you can get hit."
If you realize that you are responsible for your life, don't blame others and have faith that your dreams can come true, then you can get hit pretty hard and you won't feel it at all. This kind of man you should be and you will attract many women, because they will feel protected in your presence.

4. Living in other's reality

You have to attract people and to show them your reality and your world, not to be dragged in an unhealthy reality, because this will hold you back. You will be just a 'visitor' in their world, not a leader and in time there are big chances to be influenced in a negative way.
That's why you should better let guests enter your reality and show them how great it is.
If you are worried that it isn't, then make it become one. Read also I am a champion and you'll find out very useful advices.

Keep moving forward and believe in yourself. Go get what you want, don't let anything stay in your way.


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    1. Sorry, but I didn't understand what you mean.

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