Thursday, May 17, 2012

Watch the best pickup artist showing his dating skills

Maybe you wouldn't expect to see him in action, but I have to admit that he is going to have a lot of amazing girls in his life. He is better than most men, because he doesn't care what others think about him and he tries and tries, until he succeeds.

He gets what he wants. He doesn't have time to complain, to bring excuses and to be a wuss. If he wants something, then nothing can stop him. 

This is the attitude that many men lack and that can make the difference. Maybe the girl in the video doesn't like him at the moment, but because he is ambitious and doesn't give up, there are big chances to attract her in the end and if not, then she's not the last girl in the world.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Signs that a woman is attracted to you

Hey guys!

Today I want to change the way we interact and I want to find out what you're thinking.

I want to know what's your opinion about which are the signs, that tell you that a woman is into you.

I believe that by making you think about real situations can help you even more than reading an article, because you visualize the situation in your mind's eye and it's almost like living it in the reality.
It's time for you now to contribute with something, so that you can improve your game.

You have to imagine that a woman is in front of you and you have to figure out how do you tell if she is interested in you or not.
If you go out today make eye-contact with women you know or don't know and keep it. By doing so you show that you are very confident. If you can't do it, I want to ask a female friend of yours to play the "Who looks away first, loses" game and do it, until you manage to win.

So ask yourself the following questions and give me some opinions, because I'm really curious what you think about this subject.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Do you really want a girlfriend?

If you want a girlfriend, then you have to be ready to lose her and to enjoy your life even if you are single. Many men become so devastated after a breakup, so that they want to quit school, or the job and they end up revenging on their life and becoming depressed.

Many think that there is no reason to live their life if they don't get back together with their ex-girlfriends and they believe that being with her again will change their life and every problem will disappear. 


You have to know, that if you can't live without a woman, then you never deserved her in the first place.

If you feel this way, then you have limiting beliefs and even if you find a great woman, you will push her away from you with your neediness. Having this limiting beliefs can really affect your life and can stop you from having the desired success, so that you will never become happy.
If you want to be helped to get rid of these limiting beliefs, read It's time to forget about your limiting beliefs and be aware that they are the biggest obstacle in your life and try to avoid them.

My advice is the following: