Friday, May 4, 2012

Signs that a woman is attracted to you

Hey guys!

Today I want to change the way we interact and I want to find out what you're thinking.

I want to know what's your opinion about which are the signs, that tell you that a woman is into you.

I believe that by making you think about real situations can help you even more than reading an article, because you visualize the situation in your mind's eye and it's almost like living it in the reality.
It's time for you now to contribute with something, so that you can improve your game.

You have to imagine that a woman is in front of you and you have to figure out how do you tell if she is interested in you or not.
If you go out today make eye-contact with women you know or don't know and keep it. By doing so you show that you are very confident. If you can't do it, I want to ask a female friend of yours to play the "Who looks away first, loses" game and do it, until you manage to win.

So ask yourself the following questions and give me some opinions, because I'm really curious what you think about this subject.

                              - How do you know if she is attracted to you or not?

                              - What are signs, that tell you she is interested in you or not?

                              - How do you recognize that she is receptive or not?
                              - What gets a woman in a specific state? In the receptive state?

                              - Can you figure out if she is single or not? How?

                              - If she isn't interested in you, are you able to change her state and the way she sees you? Tell us too how you do it!

Answering these questions can help you not only knowing yourself better and finding out what your strengths and weaknesses, but also we exchange ideas and choose the ones that work the best for us.

David DeAngelo is explaining very good this concept and you can learn a lot from this video.

After answering these questions, I want you to pay attention every time you talk to a woman and see if
you can figure out what's her opinion about you, if
she is interested in you as her friend or as her lover or as her boyfriend. You can also ask a female friend to
help you, because women are ten times better than men at reading body language and she can tell if other women are attracted to you or not.

Good luck! and I hope to see some answers from you. Helping each other will surely increase our dating skills.


  1. Every time a girl looks down, I feel that I have the power and that she is submissive. If she looks at you a few times and then looks down, it means that she likes you.

  2. I tried a method and it worked for me a lot of times. When I go to the club, I'm looking for girls, who look at everybody, because they seek for approval. They want attention from somebody, because they don't get enough attention. This means that they are open and you can approach them.

  3. I use the same tactic. If she is looking at you and down a few times, then it means that she is interested, especially when she holds the eye-contact. When I hit the clubs, I also look for girls who aren't the best dressers, but also not the worst, something in between. I noticed that these girls are more receptive and don't have a bitch-shield.

  4. Really good answers guys. It's funny because I also use the same tactic.
    Here are the most frequent signs that she is attracted to you:
    1. she laughs whatever you say
    2. she is looking at you continuously
    3. she touches you often
    4. she asks you questions(she wants to know you)

  5. Most of the men who boast loudly about themselves are considered to suffer from a lack of confidence and it is better if you adopt a slightly quieter approach. This of course does not mean that you do not talk at all. Keep it well balanced.

  6. Beautiful women most often are attracted and date men who are not as physically attractive as them. There could be many reasons for this, including the fact that the women don't want the additional worry of having a boyfriend who is too good-looking so that every other woman is after him.

  7. That way, she'll have to brush past you. If she goes out of her way not to touch you, she's gone off you. If she has no hesitation in touching you as she walks past, you've probably built a suitable rapport with her - enough for her not to feel weird about touching you, and possibly where she's attracted to you.

  8. I think Most girls are attracted to man's life style and dressing style.