Wednesday, July 4, 2012

4 Effective Ways to Turn On a Woman

                                                            by BlackBelt Seduction

Make a powerful impression on a beautiful woman. Try the following in order to turn her on.

  1. Show a little of your aggressive side. This does not mean that you act like a jerk around her. What you need to display is your innate manliness, that you can take the lead as you interact with people around you. Leadership, in any way, is very impressive. It even subtly speaks of how good you are in bed. Self-assurance and brusque confidence are turn-ons for many women. Be the man, and get her to view you favorably.

  1. Smell good when you approach her. Better yet, have a trademark good-quality musky scent. Women are sensual creatures. Scents are subtle signals that subconsciously affect them. Get close to her, just enough to make her catch a whiff of your perfume.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Do you believe in yourself?

Hey man! How have you been doing?
Did you apply all my advices or at least some of them?

If not, then that's why I am going to talk about my recent experience.

Did you know that little success brings more success in life? 
I experienced it and I am very sure that it does.For example, last week I approached a girl, asking her for directions. After that, she tried to maintain the conversation and then guess what... she gave me her number without me even asking for it. 

Do you know what the secret was?