Monday, August 20, 2012

Your results are the mirror of your ego

Our belief system is so important in our development, but unfortunately many guys don't realize this. They have such a negative opinion about them, because they don't see results or they get rejected, so that their self-esteem is lowering very fast.

There are the following reasons, that stop men from getting the desired success:

1. There are many men, who want to improve their situation with women and they read everything they can find about dating. Many are reading just parts from each dating coach and then they seek other material, without even finishing the material they started. They are so eager to find out the best information, so that they read different styles from different dating gurus, without even trying something out. 
They want to know all of it, they want everything to be perfect or they are afraid of rejection or so many other reasons.

They read and read and read and then they expect to have results without doing anything.
You can wait as long as you want for the perfect situation or for the perfect girl or for the stars to get in the same line.

2. There are also men, who complain all the time about their life (that they are too fat, too ugly, too poor, too old and so on).

Sunday, August 12, 2012

How to lose a woman very fast

This situation happens to the majority of men, who are used to repulse women and to mess up a relationship, that could have been healthy and fun, if they would have known what mistakes and bad behaviors to avoid. Even though I already wrote the article 10 ways to lose a girl, I wanted to explain this subject better.

Many men want to be unique and special in her eyes and do all kind of things, but in their desire of being better, they end up behaving the same like all the other wussies, who are predictable and also give their power away.
These are the common two mistakes, that come across again and again, so that men lose their girl, without even realizing where they were wrong.

You have to understand that by making these two mistakes, you shoot yourself in the foot, because predictable means boring, boring means no feelings, no feelings means no attraction and no attraction leads to losing the girl and the power and not accomplishing your goals with women.

It is so sad to see men how they make the same mistakes repeatedly and they can't figure out how to act, in order to have the desired success.

So this is why you are going to find out what thoughts to avoid, so that you don't lose your power anymore and don't seem like an insecure, weak man to her anymore: